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What are the castles in Russia

Vyborg castle

Historic castles, previously served as a reliable protection to people from enemies, they are now a valuable cultural asset.

In Russia there are about a hundred of these buildings, and they all breathe the national history.

Vyborg castle

Vyborg Castle - the only castle in RussiaEuropean type. It would be built by the Swedes in the 13th century and repeatedly subjected to reconstruction. And in the early 18th century, Peter the Great and his army managed to win this structure with the King of Sweden, and since then the Vyborg Castle is located on the territory of Russia.
To get to the museum can be virtually free of charge -the notional amount of 5 rubles, and even across the main bridge. There are often a variety of events, and even a disco. Attractions in the castle tower is considered, reaching a height of seven-storey house. It offers stunning views of the bay and Vyborg. Some tourists even say that here you can see Finland. Castle looks especially magical at night when the lights turn on.

Mikhailovsky castle

The castle is located in the heart of St. Petersburg. This structure was built on the orders of Paul I in just 4 years under the guidance of the architect V. Brenna. It was found that the Emperor himself took part in designing the future of the fortress. Over the Exaltation Castle employs about 6 thousand. Man. But, unfortunately for the emperor's chambers of the castle became a place of death, after 40 days, he was killed by conspirators here. Later Main Engineering School was opened in the castle, and the castle was renamed Engineering since 1820.
Every day in the Mikhailovsky Palace are heldexcursions, where you can not only see inside the fortress, to listen to the story, but also to visit the permanent and temporary exhibitions. Near the castle and in the courtyard of the monuments were built: the first is still in 1800, Peter the Great, and the second, in 2003 to Paul. Also in the castle is a volume layout structure, which reflects as was originally intended to build the fort.

Yurinskii castle

This castle was once the estate of the famousboyars Sheremetev. The basis of the design of the structure was the idea of ​​the combination of four styles: baroque, oriental, ancient Russian and Gothic. At the time, this idea seemed very unusual, and the master, namely Sheremetev Vasily Petrovich, was a romantic: he studied architecture and traveled a lot, furnished his house foreign curiosities.
rightly called the magnificent Castle: brick, from which it was built to contain tuff volcano Vesuvius, and the floors were covered with mosaics. The castle is about a hundred rooms, the white stone staircase at the entrance, leading to the winter garden, marble columns, antique furniture from France.
Unfortunately, during the Soviet period, most of theluxury was looted, and only in 1993 the Government of Mari El has organized the restoration. The appearance of the castle was able to almost fully recover, that is not true of the internal halls, where there is still undergoing restoration. For tourists here organized a museum in which are preserved some of the things from that time, and a small hotel.

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