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WHAT is better to put water meters

Selecting the type of water meter is strongly dependent on the quality of engineering systems in the building

In connection with the release of the Federal Law "OnEnergy Saving ... "and other decisions of the Government, which ordered all citizens to install in apartments water meters, many were puzzled with the question of their purchase.

The range of water meter is now large.

So what are more accurate, less expensive and more durable.

Ideal counter, which would satisfy allthe requirements of discerning citizens, can not be found even in large cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg and others. All kinds of water meters have their own specific use.

Types of water meter

First, the devices are divided into countersof cold and hot water. Constructive they are absolutely identical, differ only in the materials from which they are made to withstand a certain temperature range.
If possible battery life counters can be volatile and nonvolatile. The first require a connection to the electrical network, and secondly, installed its own battery.
Counters vary in diameter as water. Devices designed for pipe diameters up to 25 mm, are used mostly in private residential premises. Larger diameters are mainly used at industrial facilities, as common parts of apartment buildings, etc.
By the method of operation, all the counters are divided into fourfundamentally different from each other species. Industrial uses are commonly used vortex and ultrasonic, and for utilities - tachometer and electromagnetic.

What to choose water meters

Water counters, domestic purposes on the basis of the work is divided into electromagnetic and tachometer.

Studying the range of water meters, which supply to the markets for household needs, we have to choose from a tachometer and electromagnetic.
Tachometer counters are in constructionturbine impeller or by means of which the counting of the number of water passing through them. At the moment, they are the cheapest, but also the most vulnerable due to obsolete sewerage systems in our country.
Such a design of the device meansconstant contact with the workpiece with water. This circumstance can lead to clogging and breakage of the device and reduces the accuracy due to accumulation of dissolved and suspended particles in water. To avoid such problems did not arise, it may be advisable counters "dry" type, where the counting device is separated from the flow divider.
Tachometer counters can also be multi-jet, which greatly improves the accuracy in the differential water pressure. However, the price of such instruments becomes many times more expensive.

Choosing a meter on the water, we have to give way to or for the benefit of its cheapness, or in favor of high precision and durability.

The most accurate but also the most expensive among thehousehold counters, electromagnetic remain. It induces a magnetic field in fixing the flow rate. In them there are no vulnerable parts, which can be damaged by poor water quality.

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