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What are the best brands of guitars

Yamaha - one of the best guitar brands

The range of acoustic guitars in Russian music stores is extremely high.

At the beginner guitarist simply scatter eyes.

In a typical store, you can consult the shop assistant.

Those who are going to buy an instrument through an online store, it is best to begin to get acquainted with the peculiarities of different brands.


Probably, the Japanese firm Yamaha - most popularmanufacturer of musical instruments. Flutes, guitars, drums, and more can be found in any record store. Guitars with this brand is usually pretty high quality thanks to the fact that the manufacturer uses good tree, and besides, the material is selected manually. Add to that the true Japanese thoroughness - and you will understand that love and respect for the musicians, this company won not by accident.

Good fame enjoyed not only the guitars of this brand, but also the wind instruments.


Guitars with this brand are also found instores quite frequently. This is an old company with a solid reputation. True, electric Ibanez are few greater demand than acoustic, especially popular bass guitars, but also the acoustics of this manufacturer produces good. If you are just starting to learn to play - the best tool you find.

Ibanez guitars are made of mahogany, and covers most of rosewood. So the guitar not only sounds but also looks great.


Gibson - an internationally recognized guitar brand. The company manufactures tools for professionals, and that Gibson guitars are most popular stars. These tools are particularly rich sound. Moreover, judging by the reviews of musicians to play them very convenient.


Guitars Epiphon also enjoyed a good reputation. The firm is a subsidiary company of the famous Gibson Corporation. Acoustics with the brand Epiphon no worse tool that lets the parent company, but is much cheaper. These guitars are made of quality materials, they are extremely comfortable and sound good. Good electric and this company.


For starters, very fit and firm guitarSquire. The case is of particular strength, but at the same time, the guitar sounds good. Products of this brand is positioned in the global market of musical instruments as held for beginners. This guitar is just perfect student music school. Moreover, the cost is inexpensive.

Other companies

The stores can be found and other guitarmanufacturers - Japanese, Korean, Canadian. In recent years become less popular Czech and German guitar, once beloved by Soviet musicians. They are produced in smaller quantities, but the quality is not inferior to the best world brands. So if you see in the store (usually the commission), "Cremona" - do not pass by, it is guaranteed to be a good tool. And, of course, there is always the possibility to order a guitar master with relevant reputation. And it is not always registered guitar will cost more that what's in store.

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