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As the best authors of books on psychology


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Psychology is one of the most popular areas of human knowledge. Many books on psychology have long turned into fascinating reading for a variety of people.

Some people are looking for an answer to the question: How to achieve success, others - how to find a partner in life, others - how to properly raise a child ... Demand always gives rise to a proposal, so the book market has a huge amount of psychological literature.

But only to choose a really good, qualified author is not always easy.

Foreign authors

First of all, it is worth turning to the recognizedAuthorities whose work has passed the test of time. The list will be headed by the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. Of course, some of his theories may seem controversial, but we must not forget what a huge impact they have had not only on the development of psychology, but also on the spiritual life of society as a whole.
One of the most popular authors of psychologicalLiterature - Dale Carnegie. He is considered the founder of the theory of conflict-free communication. True, in our country his books, despite their enormous popularity, are often criticized. Many psychologists believe that Carnegie's advice is much more applicable to Western than to Russian society.
Eric Berne's books "Games in which people play" and "People who play games", in which the author explores the psychology of human relationships, have also become widely known.
Among the authors of books on the relationship between men and women, you can highlight Barbara De Angeles, John Gray and Steve Harvey.

Russian authors

One of the most recognized Russian authorsIs Vladimir Levi. His books "The art of being yourself", "The art of being different", "Family wars", "Unconventional child" are devoted to various aspects of popular psychology. They give advice on how to gain self-confidence, overcome their laziness, establish relationships in the family, educate children ...
Of great interest are the works of MikhailLitvak ("If you want to be happy," "Principle of Aikido," "Command or obey," etc.). As close as possible to real life, they help to find a way out of the most difficult situations.
One of the most prominent authors of books onPractical psychology and business success - Nikolai Kozlov. His works "How to treat yourself and people", "Philosophical Tales", "Personality Formula", "Leadership Strategies" are of interest both for businessmen who have already taken place, and for young people looking for their place in life.
Recently, a lot of interest among readersCause the books of Alexander Danilin, created on the basis of his author's radio program "Silver Threads". Especially attractive is his ability to find answers to complex questions of human psychology in the works of classical literature.
Of course, the list of the best authors of psychological books can always be supplemented. The main thing is that their work really help people to find their place in life.

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