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How are the advantages of Sberbank gold card?


What are the advantages of Sberbank gold?</a>

Premium gold debit and credit cardsGold is issued in Sberbank within the framework of two payment systems - Visa Gold and MasterCard Gold. Gold cards are presented as image for business people with high income and positive credit history.

Most often they are produced in gold color.

Types of gold cards from Sberbank and their advantages

According to the technical characteristics of the Visa Gold card andMasterCard Gold is no different from classic cards - Classic and Standart. With their help, you can pay for goods and services in shops and the Internet, as well as withdraw cash. However, they assume extended capabilities and additional services. Their basic list is standard for each payment system. However, most banks supplement the list of privileges with their own services and special offers.

The annual cost of servicing cards in Sberbank Visa Gold or MasterCard Gold is 3000 rubles.

Basic set of additional services for VisaGold includes emergency services (the cardholder can instantly receive monetary compensation), medical and legal support in difficult situations, as well as round the clock assistance concierge service.
The minimum set of services for MasterCard GoldIncludes round the clock support, insurance program, special offers for business owners, as well as participation in the program "Priceless Moscow". The latter allows, for example, to pass to a closed show or to look behind the scenes of theatrical productions.
The main benefit of owning such cards isAppreciate those who travel a lot. Premium cards provide opportunities to issue special insurance programs for trips abroad, covering up to 50 thousand dollars.
Cards give additional benefits to amateursMake purchases using a cashless payment. They are available discounts and special offers both in Russia and abroad. The partner network includes thousands of outlets, restaurants, hotels, theaters and cinemas, as well as other services around the world. A full list of them can be found on Visa Premium (www.visapremium.ru) and MasterCard Worldwide (www.priceless.com).
It should be noted that for premium creditGold cards, unlike the cards of the lower segment, usually have an increased credit limit, and the interest rate is reduced. Since the owners of annual cards are perceived by the bank as more reliable borrowers.
Owners of premium cards are available all servicesSberbank - services "Mobile Bank", Sberbank OnL @ yn, auto payment. They can be connected when you issue a card. The cards are also participants in the bonus program "Thanks from Sberbank".

How to get a premium card from Sberbank

The Gold card can be issued in rubles, as well as inDollars and euros in any branch of Sberbank. To obtain a debit card, the borrower must write an application for issuing a card. It can be issued by all Russians who have reached the age of 18. Documents require only a passport. After two weeks, you can pick up the card in the bank.
When registering a credit card in addition to the passportDocuments will be required to confirm the borrower's income, as well as his work activity (if the applicant is not a salary client). Based on this, the bank will decide on the maximum amount of the loan limit and the interest rate.

The credit limit for premium Gold cards is up to 600 thousand rubles. The interest rate is 17.9% - 23% per year. Card service is free of charge within the framework of the bank's personal offer.

Age restrictions for credit card processing are slightly different from debit, it is available to citizens aged 21 to 51 years.
Also, a preliminary application for issuing a card can be issued without leaving your home online. This option is available on the bank's website.

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