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What are the anti-virus software for your smartphone

What are the anti-virus software for your smartphone

Even installing applications from trusted sources, can now be fairly easy to infect your phone or tablet.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is sufficient to install one of the many vendors.

Why do I need antivirus?

Unfortunately, even in proven storesmobile applications manage to seep program viruses. Thus, the specialists of the company Lookout Mobile Security recently revealed as many as thirty-two programs that have passed all pre-filters of Google Play (the main source of applications for devices running on the Android system). These applications disguised malicious component under a standard ad unit.
Modern mobile antivirus should containat least two modules: Scanner and resident monitoring. The scanner checks the applications on user demand, it is necessary to identify the device is already installed on the malicious application. Resident monitor is constantly running on the device and constantly checks the state of the file system. He pulls over some amount of resources, but it can detect the virus before you installed on your phone.

There are several free antivirus, proven

Norton Mobile Security Lite - free versionantivirus. This program is constantly updated, scans fast and "suspends" is not even the fastest devices. The application window in the free version is not too informative. In it you can see the progress of the operation, the information on file, and analyzed the overall results of a virus scan.
Comodo Mobile Security - one of the mostantivirus functionality. It has all the "gentlemanly" set of necessary functions - quickly scans in real-time applications, monitors changes to the file system, and in addition is able to show network activity of all applications individually, which can be very useful.
Antiy Labs AVL is able to identify unusual connections between files, which may indicate a viral infection. The rest - a typical antivirus knows how all that previous instances.
TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security is different fromprevious programs by the presence of self-protection function (which means that the virus can not disable it). This antivirus offers the possibility of safe browsing on the Internet. Along the way, it checks the application for release of personal information. It is more demanding to phone resources than previous designs.
BitDefender Antivirus Free - a very simple anti-virus, which completely scans all installed applications. It features an interface not too informative, but quite effective.

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