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What are the anti-virus software

What are the anti-virus software

Installing anti-virus program will protect your computer and operating system from failures and mistakes, as well as to protect it while working on the Internet.

There are many anti-virus, different functionality.

Therefore it is necessary to understand what their views there.

Features of any anti-virus package

Antivirus software is a systemalgorithm, which is designed to eliminate or prevent installed without the user's knowledge of activities of malware. All, without exception, have anti-virus software virus signature database that is regularly updated its publisher. This is necessary to ensure that the antivirus had always fresh information about the existing threats. Due to the large variety of anti-virus software and differ from each other in terms of functionality.

Classic antivirus package

It is the most common type of virusprograms. It includes a system of recognition of threats, based on a heuristic analysis (determination of threats before the start of their activity), or on the analysis of access (if any program is started). In addition to computer data analysis, antivirus programs often include additional parameters and options. Some of them can be switched on the system insulation programs of activities from the activities of the system, monitor the safety of Internet resources, the scanner memory. All this will not work if the virus signature database is irrelevant. The classic anti-virus packages include programs such as: Avast !, Kaspersky Antivirus, AVG, and many others.


This is a special category of anti-virus programs, whichIt specializes in monitoring Internet activity of all applications installed on your computer. This is necessary in order to protect your computer from trojans, which are able to learn the user's confidential data and transmit them to the attacker. The lack of a firewall on the computer threatens billing information used passwords, browsing history, etc. Examples of firewalls are: Agnitum Outpost Firewall, Kaspersky Firewall, Agava Firewall, etc.

Comprehensive protection from viruses and trojans

Particularly popular softwaresystems designed to protect users from both viruses and threats from the Internet, all of which will take place on the same level of quality, as if the user used the Antivirus and a firewall separately. The most popular packages to protect against all types of threats to your computer activity are: Kaspersky Internet Security, Comodo Internet Security, G-Data Internet Security and many others.

Paid and free antivirus programs

Now there are both paid and freeanti-virus software. This applies both to classical anti-virus and firewalls and integrated security package. Typically, the difference between paid and free versions are irrelevant. They may relate to technical customer support, there are additional options in the programs, etc.
Free antivirus programs and comprehensive packages are: AVG, Avast !, Comodo Internet Security, etc.
Pay are all products from Kaspersky Lab, Dr. Web, Agnitum Outpost Firewall, etc.

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