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What are the American Musical

What are the American Musical

The musical (or musical comedy) - a musical and stage work. It consists of songs, music, dance and dialogue.

Musicals are performed in a difficult genre, so their creation requires a considerable budget.

But it's worth it, because such performances for a long time are very popular with viewers.

The story of the musical

Musicals preceded by a large number of morelight genres, which consisted of French ballet, variety and dramatic interludes. In 1866, in New York, was featured staging «Black Crook», in which the romantic ballet melodrama and weaves with other genres. This production was a hit. Thanks to her, a new genre was born. The plot has ceased to be the most important, come to the fore vocal numbers by idols.

Development of American musicals helped talented immigrants Frimley, Herbert and Romberg. This was before the First World War.

Best American Musical

Musical, created by the United States, very much. To list them all is impossible, so we will focus on the most popular productions.

"Singing in the Rain" - a musical comedy in 1952. This legendary film, which is based on a dozen of old songs created for Broadway shows. In the middle of Don Lockwood - silent film star, he has everything - fame, money, happiness. He begins to remember a time when there was not so famous. Luck turns away from him when replacing silent films comes talkies.

"Moulin Rouge" - a musical melodrama 2001. The film shows in 1899. The action takes place in the 'Moulin Rouge' - the famous night clubs of Paris. Two men trying to win the love of a beautiful courtesan Satine. Men are completely opposite to each other. One of them - a poor writer, and the second - a wealthy Duke, who has the opportunity to buy the whole club for one night with Satine.

"Chicago" - criminal musical 2002created by the United States and Germany. It tells the story of Roxy girl who dreams of singing and dancing as a vaudeville diva Velma Kelly. Suddenly the two girls find themselves together in the dock.

"Burlesque" - sensational musical 2010. Young girl Ali recently has been absolutely happy. But her parents had died, and she was forced to leave his native town in search of a better fate. Fortunately, she has a charming voice. She arrives in Los Angeles and takes a job in a nightclub, "Burlesque." All night long she dances, finds friends and the love of his life. But happiness can not last forever, especially since Ali, a host of envious.

The film received a large number of fans. Starring Cher and Christina Aguilera.

"Lovestruck" - a musical comedy in the style offantasy-2013. The film tells the story of a professional postanovschitsy musicals Harper Hatton. A woman with a child loved to sing and dance, so became very successful in the business. She dreams that her daughter repeated her success. But the young Mirabela refuses to participate in a musical for a few days before the premiere. And all this for the sake of her lover Marco. Suddenly, a miracle happens, the mother Mirabelle drinks a magic elixir and turns into a young girl.

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