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What are the advantages visa gold card and mastercard gold

What are the advantages of visa gold card and mastercard gold

Card VISA Gold and MasterCard Gold are intended primarily for those who appreciate comfort and high level of service when receiving services.

The presence of such a card at the client emphasizes its high status and provides more opportunities in the field of banking.

Gold Card type are only for regular customers

Bank card type visa gold and mastercard goldUsually intended for individuals who have a high level of income and is often visited by foreign states. These customers place high demands on the quality of service, and they are willing to pay for this level. Gold card issued by the bank at once, you first need to be, at least, a regular customer.

The international payment system VISAInternational has developed a lot of proposals that are in different countries is for holders of VISA Gold cards. The Russian site www.visa.com.ru to find details about these services. Among the proposals is: a first-class shopping, unique travel, expensive restaurants, a great vacation and more. Each card holder will certainly find for himself what he needs.

The list of advantages and privileges for VISA users updated with new exclusive offers.

All the latest news and updated information is published on the official website www.visapremium.ru in Russia.

Cardholders "MasterCard Gold" also havein the availability of an expanded range of services. It lies in the fact that customers can choose convenient for itself offer, both in our country and abroad, for example, that:
- Discount for payments using the card-
- The receipt of gifts, when shopping in boutiques, hotels, restaurants, when renting a vehicle materials-
- Receive invitations to private fashion shows, sales, and various cultural events.

To take advantage of these offers, you can often purchase a pay card MasterCard Gold in partner companies.

There is a collection of MasterCard - Favorites. In it, there are interesting offers from partner companies of the bank (hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, etc.).

Other advantages of cards VISA Gold and MasterCard Gold

The advantages of MasterCard Gold and VISA Gold credit cards can also be called as follows:
- Payment for goods and services via the Internet
- Payment for goods and services around the world in the service of trade services that take such cards-
- A guarantee when booking hotels, when renting vehicles and ordering other services-
- SMS-banking, Internet banking, the SMS-opoveschenie-
- Getting cash at ATMs and terminaly-
- The blocking of the card, with its loss to be able to safeguard the assets on the balance sheet.

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