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What are tags and how to use them

What are tags and how to use them

Internet is based on html - hypertext markup language. The term "hypertext" means text, including references.

It is a simple possibility of moving from one page to another, from one site to the second transformed computer technology.

Easy html achieved handy tool developer - tags.

Tags in html

Tags in html - means of semantic (semantic) format, presentation and communication of information. Any tag must be located between the symbols: <U>. All html tags are understood by mostexisting browsers. Standardization and creation of new tags has been the international organization W3C - there you can learn about all the existing tags html. Tags can only work within the "main" tag html-document - HTML. HEAD tags and BODY web-page is divided into two logical parts. The HEAD can affect the page title (displayed on the browser tab), BODY is "responsible" for the whole semantic content of the page.

Singles and doubles tags

All tags can be divided in the html paired andsingle. Single tags are used only when paired use meaningless. For example, the single is the BR tag, which is an empty string. If you mount it this tag in a html-code, you will see in the browser string delimiter. It is commonly used to separate one group from the other information.
Paired tags are used for content organization. Text information, files, addresses, links, tags are placed between the P (paragraph text), IMG (image), A (hyperlink).

The attributes of the tag

Some tags have special attributes,affecting the "behavior" of the element. Some tags modern html5 specification allows to do without the previously required programming for solving common problems.
For example, FORM (input field) tag has an attributePLACEHOLDER, which replaces the text field "test information", tips. If a web developer wants to name field was not empty, and to sample output name, he can assign the attribute value PLACEHOLDER "Ivan Ivanov". Then, in the text field for entering a name is displayed, "Ivan Ivanov" - as long as the user does not translate into the field cursor. The inscription at the same time will disappear and he will be able to enter your name.

Contact CSS

A relatively new technology (compared withhtml) presentation sites on the Internet is CSS. Behind the acronym CSS «hide» Cascading Style Sheets. Before their appearance webmasters used to separate site on a clear logical structure of the table (tag TABLE). Now the creators of the site have the opportunity everything related to the submission site (including the location of the blocks), placed in a special stylistic css-file. To connect a style sheet to html-document must indicate the address of the tag pair LINK css file on the server.

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