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What are some proverbs about autumn

What are some proverbs about autumn

Autumn - this time poets inspiration and melancholy, when subsides heat of summer, and is in the nature of pre-winter agony.

This time, the subject of many folk sayings and proverbs, some of which are quite apt and very succinct.

So what are they?

The most famous and popular "autumn" proverbs and sayings

"In the autumn milk can match slurp: once maknesh, maknesh second time, and then in his mouth ponesesh".
"Only in the autumn bad weather in the yard are seven bad weather: sows in the street, blows and twists so nauseated, vomit and pour on top."
"Autumn as a cow uterus: a pudding but pancakes. Well, spring is usually smoother, Sit yes look. "
Very apt - "What a man sows, then grind. What is ground - in the barn to put. "
"In autumn and crows have shock, not only in the forest grouse."
"Rain of finely sown late autumn, but it was too long it lasts."
"In late autumn can be found just a berry, and even then - bitter rowan".

It rowan considered "fruit" attribute autumn pores, described in many literary works. Especially in verse.

"In the autumn usually fattens cattle in the yard, and a man - dobreet", "Autumn - very boastful, and spring - is valid" and "Autumn individual orders, and spring precisely my show."
"Autumn - she zapasiha and winter - that still podberiha", "Autumn - the time the long-awaited collection of vintage" and "In the autumn weather changes pieces of eight."
"Autumn whine how thin the fly", "Autumn at times and the crow has a shock of grain", "When autumn comes, it is for all of us to ask" and "Young chickens just before they are hatched."

Less common folk wisdom about autumn

It is also very apt - "In the autumn and the house sparrow feast", "In the fall of a sparrow, and is rich" and "Autumn weather brings."
"September is always accompanies red summer and autumn meets in gold."

This September is usually the favorite people fall months, giving romantic weather and beating all the colors of the forest.

"If the smell of ripe apples in September, then October - cabbage."
"In September, the natural light comes into the field and into the house."
Poetic folk following observation: "September - it's time into fly-away", "September - the first magician" and "September - Month-listopadnik".
"Only in October pinto mare rides on, and the wheels and rails do not like."
"In October, people say goodbye to the sun so close to the warm stove are chosen."
"October ground covers - somewhere leaf and somewhere in the first snow."
"If the cold October and our Father, then November andit pereholodit "," In October already hut must be full of wood, and a man walking in sandals "and" October - the month of the first snows so weak first frosts. "
"In October and sturdy sheet already in the tree will not hold," "Everyone would be October came took, peasant it already go there."

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