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What are the sayings about friendship

What are the sayings about friendship

Friendship, along with personal relationships and love, is one of the most important values ​​of human life.

Moreover, the complexity of friendships and their painstaking alignment - not a problem only of our time, and the questions that troubled people in the past century.

So what are the proverbs and sayings about friendship and friends?

The most famous and popular folk wisdom

"Two cats in one bag can not have friendship" and "Two swords in one legged difficult to get along."
"Money will always find a friend, and money - boyfriend."
"To a loyal friend all not too tight", "to others is not difficult to unharness from the plow," "to each other and are allowed to post" and "For no other circle."
"Not a good friend for Okolica seven miles."
"To dear friend and an earring can be given from the ears", "Good Brotherhood minee any wealth", "Good friend is not the end of the hands" and "track together, and snuff - always half."
"A faithful friend any more money."
"Friend to a certain time, that the same foe."
"A friend of a friend and supply tower and foe foe - will establish a coffin."
"A faithful friend and loyal brother - it's a great thing: they will not soon dobudesh".

This statement is very true, so how to build true friendships - it is very difficult.

"Friend, if untested, that the nut neraskoloty," "a true friend is known only misfortune", "A faithful friend is known to rati so when trouble."
Known and very funny proverb - "A friend of a heart, is like a cockroach zapechny!".
"Other powers is not as unprofitable as a wife," "look for other faithful, and if you find - take care of it," "friend money can not buy", "To know each other, you need to eat a peck of salt together."

In the last sayings there is another option, where a peck replaced by the word "sack".

Less well-known proverbs and sayings about friends and friendship

"Friend snorovit - the same as myself to annoy."
"Friendship friendship discord, and other even in the river throw it."
"Friendship - it is not a service, but who are friends, and in order to serve."
A very well-aimed and are as follows"Friendly" proverb - "Friendship of nedruzhby lives close", "Friendship led - and ourselves not to spare", "to be friends to be friends, but keep the knife in the bosom", "Pals is a lot, but no real friends."
"Friends directly - is like a brother."
"Poor knows and friend and foe", "No other woesdo not know "," No other people - an orphan, and the other - a family man, "" No other Ivashka not happiness drink foamy brew "," richer than others know. Rich neither truth nor friendship never knew "," greater love than this does not happen as for each of his friend dies. "
"Be a friend, but without any loss" or "Be different, but better not at once."
"I was with a friend, I drank the water is sweeter than honey" or "Truth is only in friendship."
"The enemies of the boom that in the stump, and the other, that in me," "Sometimes, to tell the truth - to lose the friendship," "Do not agreed custom, so is no friendship."

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