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As there are good synthesizers


What are good synthesizers?</a>

Synthesizers are used by all beginners and professional musicians, who create various melodies with their help.

Today there is a huge number of companies offering synthesizers, equipped with a wide variety of functions - so which ones are the most high-quality and popular ones?

Leader among synthesizers

By the quality of sound and parameters, the leader amongSynthesizers is Korg X5D, whose weight is only 4.5 kilograms. The miniature dimensions of the synthesizer and the highest quality sound make it possible to use it both at home and at concerts. Today, Korg continues to produce lightweight concert synthesizers, but none of them can compare with the Korg X5D, which is also one of the most inexpensive devices.

Despite the presence of similar weight in some other synthesizers, the Korg X5D remains the unchallenged leader in sound quality.

This synthesizer is equipped with 61 keys,The ability to edit melodies and get the right timbres. In addition, the Korg X5D has a MIDI interface that allows you to download ready-made presets for creating sounds to the synthesizer. Experienced users recommend to carefully check the functionality of the panel buttons when purchasing a Korg X5D synthesizer - they must respond to pressing instantly and without effort from the user. Otherwise, in time, the buttons will stop working at all. Otherwise, the Korg X5D is a good synthesizer, which allows you to create quality tunes in any conditions.

The best virtual synthesizer

The best among virtual synthesizers is recognizedLennarDigital Sylenth1 VSTi v2.20 is a polyphonic virtual analog device equipped with four unison oscillators. The innovative synthesis technology used by these oscillators allows you to create a huge amount of high-quality sounds that sound simultaneously in real time. Thus the system spends the minimum resources.

LennarDigital Sylenth1 VSTi v2.20 is great for generating trance tunes, techno, house and many other sounds that are programmed in the synthesizer's memory.

Also this virtual synthesizer is equipped with twoFilter sections that provide two non-linear saturation levels to give the sound the effect of harmonics. In addition, in LennarDigital Sylenth1 VSTi v2.20 the manufacturer has built in a section that includes six different effects. In use, the synthesizer is as simple as possible - it is controlled using a MIDI interface that has many functions. It can be used both for working at home and for creating professional sound tracks.

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