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What are necessary papers for a passport in 14 years

14 years - in time to see his face in the passport

Fourteen years - at this age, Russianteens get their first adult in the life of the document - passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. According to the law "On the passport," within 30 days it is necessary to collect and submit to the Federal Migration Office (Office of the Federal Migration Service) application, together with a package of necessary documents.

You must report the place of registration.

Failure to comply with the terms, as well as a voluntary refusal of delivery, can lead to penalties.

How to write an application

The statement to the passport service is written in1P prescribed form. It can be filled by hand or printed on the printer. The form is easy to find on the Internet or take directly to the passport office. The main requirement - in the absence of text corrections, corrections, grammar errors.

The application for a passport is required toIt must be signed by the young person and certified by an employee of the migration service. But if due to health or other serious reasons, he can not sign it yourself, then do it properly, or their legal representatives - parents (guardians), or employee of the migration service.

Confirm citizenship

Together with the application you want to bring a teenagera certificate of his birth. If it was lost (or stolen, torn, it's useless), it is necessary to apply to the registry office at the place of birth to obtain a duplicate. And this should be done in advance, before the start of the 30-day period the law.

It should also be aware that if a young man orgirl born outside Russia, they may be asked to bring additional document confirming Russian citizenship. This, for example, to insert a birth certificate or a certificate made in the mark of citizenship. Useful in this case, can a parent's passport, guardian or other legal representative.

In addition, you must confirm registrationin a statement on the address provided. This proof may be an extract from the house register, a certificate in form 9 of the passport or a certificate of parents for the right of ownership of premises.

"Take off your hat"

The main requirements to the two provided the photo,in addition to the size of 35 to 45 mm: two black-and-white or color photograph must be recent, clear and made full face. Hat or as popular among boys baseball cap in front of the camera will have to be removed.

However, there are exceptions to the rule - sometimesFMS allows to be photographed, and with his head covered. For example, because of religious beliefs. If, however, due to problems with vision always goes teenager with glasses, pictures allowed in glasses with transparent glasses.

Finally, the last document is the receipt of state duty paid in the amount of 200 rubles. And, curiously, it can not refer to the FMS, but only specify the necessary details.

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