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What is a floating foundation

Driving floating foundation

Floating foundation is a solid concrete slab beneath the whole building.

It stands for the structure of the boundary of 20-40 cm.

Thus, the house stands on the integrated platform directly on the surface of the earth.

Features of the floating foundation

Floating foundation - ideal forConstruction on the heaving, moving soil. It applies to all types of buildings: homes, farm buildings and structures of special purpose, etc. The advantage of this foundation is that the shifting of the soil if it will float on the surface. At the same time construction of the building is integrated and protected from damage. With proper installation of such a foundation is a secure base at home, is not subject to deformation forces. High mobility characterized by sand and clay ground mass, area, with high levels of soil moisture. In the harsh climate zone soil mobility is significant due to seasonal temperature changes. Tape or pile foundation is not always able to withstand these loads, floating - walks along the ground, protecting the building from the distortions.

After installation of the floating foundation it hasto survive and gain strength before it is erected building. The ideal time - year, minimum - month. Otherwise, the structure may become distorted and even collapse.

The height of such a foundation may be from 20 to 40 cm depending on the size and weight of the future structure. This is enough to ensure the building of a sturdy base.
During the construction of a floating foundation is importantmeet all established standards. It is necessary to pour two-layer pad under the base of the sand gravel. Install stiffeners and reliable reinforcement cage. Use concrete grade not lower than the M200. To provide reliable waterproofing, and if necessary, the insulation plate.

Pros and cons of a floating foundation

The main advantage of the foundation slab isit allows you to build strong buildings on floating, heaving soils. Properly erected design foundation is able to withstand even the most heavy construction.

On the floating foundation built Ostankino TV Tower. Its height is 540 meters, and the height of the foundation is only one meter. This is enough to sustain such a massive, heavy construction.

This foundation is durable,durability, reliability, it does not shrink. His power does not depend on the depth of soil freezing, it is calculated solely on the parameters of the building. The carrier plate can perform the function of the basement floor. This requires only pour leveling screed, to arrange floor insulation if necessary.
As a general lack of a floating foundation noted its high cost and complexity of installation.

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