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WHAT apply to the white semi-sweet wine

What to file a semi-sweet white wine

The culture of drinking and following the rules of etiquette today and came to Russia, to replace the traditional Russian drinks came exotic wines, and the food has become diverse.

Even in Soviet times it was possible to hear about compatibility of food and wine, but as with anything you need to drink is unlikely someone could tell.

One of the most popular types of wine is whitetable. This is a relatively inexpensive wine with a good bouquet. White semisweet wine - a table grape wine light golden hue fortress around 12 degrees. The most popular among the category are "Chardonnay", "Muscat", "Sauvignon Blanc", "Tokai", "Riesling", "Gewurztraminer" and others.

For fish and not only

The most known is the combination ofwhite wine and fish dishes. This is absolutely true, but other than that, it suited to dishes and white meat, cheese cutting, as well as a variety of salads with mayonnaise and mayonnaise sauce.

White fizzy wine is usually served with caviar and cold appetizers. Chocolate is contraindicated, it is usually replaced with praline candy with nuts such as Raffaello.

Today, having decided to have dinner at a restaurant, youwill meet a huge range offered by the masterpieces of world cuisine. This diversity is not long, and lost, and only choose incongruous with the whole food beverage - is the whole problem. But it can come to the rescue of a competent waiter who will help you to decide with a choice of various dishes, as well as advise the appropriate wine.
Most often, white wine is served delicacies such as:
- fish dishes-
- Dishes of white myasa-
- Breads including cheese, garlic, tvorozhnyy-
- Seafood (caviar, oysters, shrimp, crayfish) -
- Acute syry-
- fruit-
- Dessert.
Wines like Sauvignon Blanc are ideal for roasted poultry dishes, but in the absence of hot sauces and gravy.
Gr? Ner Veltliner complement meals with an abundance of greenery. It itself has a sweet and spicy taste and aroma of herbs, so often used as an ingredient in cooking.
"Chardonnay" is necessary to submit to the salmon to spawn and lean meats. The secret of wine that reveals it indirectly, but because "the taste shock" simply unacceptable when it is used.
Oddly enough, but semi-sweet white wine can befeeding and light fish or vegetable soups. Also frequently offer white wines as an aperitif before a meal. Serve the wine is always chilled to 10-12oS in high glasses with a long stem.

bad Taste

In addition, there is a list of products which do not combine with the wines:
- All kinds of spices (they interrupt the light fragrance of wine) -
- kopchenosti-
- Leavened blyuda-
- solenya-
- Dishes containing vinegar and lemon juice (inhibit the taste of wine) -
- shokolad-
- Nuts binders (spoil taste) -

Not made wine to drink and where to smoke, cigarette smoke and a strong smell of perfume do not allow to experience the real bouquet wine.

It is believed that natural white wine is good red, it contains many minerals that strengthen the blood vessels. However, with the addition of items (sugar, ferment), the wine loses its properties.

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