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WHAT antikuperoznye cream

What antikuperoznye cream

Spider veins, nets, reddish spots, rosacea bring trouble lovely ladies, spoiling their appearance.

Fight with the external manifestations of vascular disease rarely becomes meaningless, and the whole point is that you need to treat not only the symptoms but also the cause of rosacea.



If you have thin, sensitive and, as a rule,light skin, the likelihood of becoming a carrier of disease rosacea group associated with vascular disease, increases several times. In addition, rosacea can be a consequence of chronic diseases of the stomach and internal organs can be caused by bad habits and constant stress, occur against a background of reduced immunity, unsuitable for the climate of the skin and even genetic predisposition, due to the weakening of the vessel wall.


Proper treatment and diagnosis of rosaceacan effectively fight and eliminate the negative effects, of course, spoiling the beauty of the face of the fair sex. Along with the gentle effect on the skin associated with the exception of exposure to direct sunlight, wet steam (sauna, hammam, etc.), aggressive cosmetic products, complete elimination of tobacco and alcohol, as well as sharp, acidic and too sweet food, bearer rosacea should choose the right tool, which could have a soothing and healing effect. This can be a special cosmetic cream antikuperoznye.


As a rule, such creams can be carried to the category of soft drugs antikuperoznyh providing gentle effect on the skin. Thanks to:
- Antioxidants
- Fatty acids,
- Extracts of blueberry,
- Green tea,
- Extract from grape seed,
- Olive oil,
- Mallow like cream can strengthen the wallvessels, concentrating, usually the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. Such creams promote active moisturizing of the skin, they protect it from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation in summer and low temperatures and wind in winter.


Antikuperoznye cream designed to strengthen the wallweakened blood vessels and capillaries, which is why their composition must include vitamins E and C, rutin, zinc, help to reduce the effects of redness on the skin. The presence of vitamins P and K, reduce vascular fragility is also a basic requirement for the composition of this antikuperoznogo cream. If bought a tube of cream you find the word "capillary protector", it means that you are lucky and managed to get a cream with a whole set of useful substances.

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