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How are the animes shot about cats?



The history of the anime and the history of the appearance of cats in anime began simultaneously.

As early as 1929, a three-minuteThe musical film "Black Cat", considered the first anime, in which the sound was synchronized with the image. Since then, a lot of anime serials and feature films have been shot about cats.

In addition, in anime often all kinds of fantastic creatures, endowed with feline features.

In 1989, the screens went full-lengthAnime film directed by Hayao Miyazaki "Witch's delivery service." The main character of the film is the 13-year-old witch Kiki. Of course, like any witch, Kiki has a black cat - her friend and assistant Ji-Ji. According to the plot, Dzi-Dzi meets his love - a white kitty Lily. At the end of the movie, a cat addition appears in the cat family.
In 1997, the 25-episode anime series was shot"Giperpolitsiya". Its action takes place in the future of Shinjuku, inhabited by people and fantastic creatures. One of the central characters in the series is the girl-cat Sasahara Natsuki.
One of the most peculiar anime about cats -The first film by Makoto Shinkai "She and her cat" (1999). This is a five-minute short film, which Sinkai drew in "Photoshop" on his home computer. The history of relations between the cat and his mistress is shown by the eyes of the cat Teby, whose role was voiced by Sinkai himself.

Fantastic and fantastic anime about cats

The eerie surreal anime film "Cat's soup" about the misadventures of the cat family was created in 2001 on the basis of the works of the suicide artist Nekojiru.
One of the most famous "feline" anime wearsThe title "Return of the Cat" (2002). This is a fairy tale story about a girl who saved from death the cat who turned out to be a feline prince, and almost was herself never left a cat. One of the main characters of the film is the animated toy cat Baron, previously appeared in the anime of 1995 "Whisper of the Heart".
One of the most popular anime characters -Cat-robot Doraemon, about which 28 full-length and 8 short cartoons were shot. The most popular series is "Doraemon" (2005), which already has 300 episodes.
In 2009, the shooting of anime series began"Cat's whims." This is an amazing story about how a boy suffering from a chronic allergy to cats and accidentally breaking a statue of a cat deity is forced to fulfill the wishes of a hundred cats to not become a cat himself.

Cats in the modern anime world

Heroes of the anime series 2010 "Invasion of stray cats" contain a small confectionery called "The Stray Cat." Of course, their house is full of cats, which, however, do not bring particular benefits.
And, finally, the romantic comedy of 2012"Kitty from Sakuraso," the main character of which picked up seven cats on the street. Because of this, the youth has to move out of the ordinary student hostel, where they are not allowed to keep pets, in a very strange place called "Sakuraso".
The world of anime is inhabited by a huge number of all kinds of cats and cats, and every year the number of representatives of the cat family in it is steadily increasing.

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