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WHAT anime removed about cats


The history of anime and history of the appearance of cats in the anime started at the same time.

Even in 1929, it was created by the three-minutemusical film "Black Cat", is considered the first anime in which the sound has been synchronized with the image. Since then, about cats photographed many anime series and feature films.

In addition, there are all kinds of anime often fantastic creatures, endowed with feline features.

In 1989, screens out full-lengthanime film directed by Hayao Miyazaki's "Kiki's Delivery Service". The main character of the film - 13-year-old witch Kiki. Of course, like all the witches, from Kiki has a black cat - her friend and assistant Ji-Ji. In the story of Ji-Ji meets his love - white cat Lily. At the end of the film in the cat family, the addition appears.
In 1997, 25-episode anime series, was filmed"Giperpolitsiya". Its action takes place in the city of the future Shinjuku, populated by people and fantastic creatures. One of the central characters in the series is the girl-cat Sasahara Natsuki.
One of the most original anime about cats -Makoto first film Cinco "She and her Cat" (1999). This is a five-minute short film, which Shinkai painted in "Photoshop" on your home computer. The history of the cat and its owner relationship is shown through the eyes of a cat Taby, a role which he voiced Shinkai.

Fabulous and fantastic anime about cats

Eerie surreal anime film "Cat Soup" about the misadventures of the cat family was created in 2001 on the basis of the work of artist Nekodziru suicide.
One of the most famous "cat" is the animeknown as "The Cat Returns" (2002). This is fairy tale about a girl who rescued the cat from death, caught feline prince, and she almost did not remain forever cat. One of the main characters in the film is the animated toy cat Baron, before this appears in the anime 1995 "Whisper of the Heart."
One of the most popular anime characters -cat-robot Doraemon, which shot 28 feature films and 8 animated shorts. The most popular TV series "Doraemon" (2005), which already has 300 episodes.
In 2009, we began filming the animated series"Cat's whim." This is an amazing story of how the boy, who suffers from chronic allergies to cats and accidentally struck the statue feline deity, forced the desires of a hundred cats to himself not to turn into a cat.

Cats in the modern world of anime

"Invasion of stray cats" Heroes anime series in 2010 contain a small pastry shop called "Stray cat". Of course, their house full of cats, which, however, does not bring much good.
And finally, the romantic comedy in 2012"Cat of Sakuraso", the protagonist of which picked up seven cats in the street. Because of this, the young man has to move from the usual student dormitories, which are not allowed to keep pets in a very strange place called "Sakuraso".
Anime World populated lots of all kinds of dogs and cats, and every year the number of representatives of the cat family it has been steadily increasing.

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