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How animals make their supplies for the winter


What animals do stocks for the winter</a>

Winter is not an easy time for all wildlife.

Each species is saved in its own way: bears fall into hibernation, birds fly south, and some other animals make winter food reserves.

Winter stocks of proteins

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Even children know that protein is one of the mostStocky animals. Proteins begin to make stocks in the summer and are engaged in this up to the first colds. These animals hide nuts, acorns and mushrooms in secluded places. The squirrel is very selective - for the winter pantry only good products are selected, not spoiled by parasites and larvae. By the way, thanks to these rodents forests grow. The memory of the squirrel is not very good, and therefore the animal can simply forget where the seeds or the acorn buried. And subsequently new trees grow from these seeds.

In addition to eating their stocks, the protein does not disdain and the theft of seeds from the nests of woodpeckers.

Winter mink store

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Mink - a small animal of the family of cunies -Also makes stocks for the winter. But since the mink is a predator, the content of its pantry is not as harmless as that of a squirrel. This furry animal stores live food - frogs. Mink biting its prey in the region of accumulation of nerves on the head, and the frogs remain immobilized. Mink keeps frogs in a shallow place at the bottom of the river. Also these animals store carcasses of small rodents, birds and fish, often stealing prey from the networks of anglers.

The mink is capable of storing several kilograms of fish.

Live canned moles

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These small insectivorous animals, in spite ofDimensions, are quite voracious. At one time, the mole can eat a quantity of food roughly equal to its own weight. Therefore, winter reserves - this is a necessary condition for the survival of moles. These animals make a kind of live canned food from a favorite food - earthworms. Moles, like mink, bite prey in the head area, biting the motor nerve. Still, but still living worms are in the underground chamber, where they are stored during the hungry winter.

Power during hibernation in the chipmunks

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Chipmunks would be very jealous of forever losing weightWomen, because the ban on eating before going to bed - not about these animals. Despite the fact that this animal falls into a hibernation, it still makes stocks from several buckets of seeds and nuts. Clusters of chipmunks are right in their nest - having woken up in winter, the animals slightly snack and again go to bed. In addition, stocks help the chipmunks feed early in the spring, when the animals wake up, and there is no food. However, chip-nests often suffer from bears attack. These predators simply adore cedar nuts, which store economic chipmunks. The bear can work all day to dig a deep hole, but will not stop before the opportunity to eat deliciously. And small animals can only watch how their hard-earned supplies die.

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