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What animals do stocks for the winter

What animals do stocks for the winter

Winter - a difficult time for all wildlife.

Each type is saved in their own way: the bears hibernate, birds fly south, and some other animals make winter food reserves.

Winter supplies proteins

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Even children know that the protein - one of the mostsquirrels animals. Proteins begin to make reserves in the summer and doing it until the first frosts. These animals hide in secluded places walnuts, acorns and mushrooms. Protein is very selective - for the winter pantry selects only good products, not source codec Xvid and larvae of parasites. By the way, thanks to these rodents grow forests. Memory proteins are not very good, so the animal can simply forget where to bury the seeds or acorn. And then these seeds grow into new trees.

Besides eating their reserves, the protein does not shrink and theft of seeds of woodpecker nests.

Winter storeroom mink

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Mink - small animal musteline -also makes stocks for the winter. But as mink is a predator, the contents of her closet is not as harmless as a squirrel. This fur animal stores live food - frogs. Mink bite their prey to the cluster of nerves in the head, and frogs are immobilized. Mink keep frogs in a shallow place in the river. Also, these animals store up carcasses of small rodents, birds and fish, often stealing prey from the fishermen nets.

Mink is able to store up a few kilos of fish.

Live canned moles

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These small carnivorous animals, despiteSizes are quite voracious. For every mole can eat the amount of food, approximately equal to its own weight. Therefore, winter stocks - is a necessary condition for the survival of moles. These animals make distinctive live favorite canned food - earthworms. Moles, like mink, biting prey in the head, biting motor nerve. Still, but worms are still alive in an underground chamber where stored over the winter starvation.

Nutrition during hibernation in chipmunks

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Squirrels are very slimming would envy foreverwomen, because the prohibition of food before going to bed - not about these animals. Despite the fact that this animal hibernates, he still makes stocks of several buckets of seeds and nuts. Cellars chipmunks are right in their nest - awake in winter, the animals little snack and then go to bed. In addition, reserves help chipmunks feed in early spring, when the animals wake up and the food yet. However, burunduchi nest often suffer from a bear attack. These predators just love pine nuts that stockpile economic chipmunks. Bear is working all day to dig up a deep hole, but do not stop in front of the opportunity to eat. A small animal can only watch as their dying collected with difficulty stocks.

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