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What animals live in swamps

What animals live in swamps

Marshland is particularly valuable because it is a habitat for various species of animals and growing of plants, shrubs and berries, many of which are listed in the Red Book.

"Marsh - a deep depression huge eye of the earth ... .." Blok

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Marsh is a plot of land withhigh humidity and acidity, in places very damp, strong evaporation and thus sorely lacking oxygen. In addition, the swamp - it's a small world, with its vegetation and inhabitants. There are several types of wetlands - bogs, fens, transitional.
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Depending on the habitat, many animalsspend some time in these places, and then removed, but there are permanent residents - members of the family of amphibians, such as frogs, toads, newts. In addition, otters and muskrats, they all live in the swamps constantly.
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On the edges of the marshes inhabited by moisture-lovingmammals, such as water vole, vole. In this environment, they feel fine. These animals are absolutely not whimsical: find refuge in moss hummocks, eat cranberries, blueberries, seeds of various herbs.

The birds in the marshes

Marsh fauna is diverse and is suitable for foodmany local inhabitants. Fruits and succulent stems of plants serve meals for a family of birds, such as, for example, marsh owls, ptarmigan, ducks, sandpipers. Birds have long chosen the area and happy to regale berries.
In marshy headwaters loves settle gray crane. In this area it is protected from civilization, and not every animal can wade through the swamp.
Undoubtedly, the queen of the marshes is a heron. This bird was chosen such a place for that in the bushes, you can easily hide from predators, and there is always something to eat.

Vasyugan swamp

Vasyugan swamp, located on the westSiberia - the most massive in the world. They have a very diverse fauna. On the grassy marshes of the type generally present taiga mammals. It is home to reindeer, golden eagle, squirrel, sable, elk, you can find wolverine, otter and mink. Settle and live for years in the swamps and moose. Summer pasture, where the grass is available in large numbers, are a favorite place for the animals. Closer to winter here, there is another resident who is hare, especially him to the swamps attract willow twigs and reeds. Hare with great pleasure eats them.
On the marshes inhabited by animals, which is comfortable andcomfortable among water, tussocks, moss and grasses. Swamp - their home, safe shelter, the area where they feed and reproduce. Here, full of life and diversity of its inhabitants would be the envy even of the forest.

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