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How animals live in the steppe


What animals live in the steppe</a>

It is difficult to answer unambiguously which animals live in the steppe, since this natural zone is extremely extensive.

The composition of the fauna of the steppes varies according to geographical location.

Therefore, it makes sense to identify the most typical representatives.

Large steppe animals

The steppe is called the plain located inTemperate or subtropical zone of the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. Steppes are poor in vegetation, and there are almost no trees in them. The fauna of the steppe is not very diverse, but rather curious.
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Animal world of the steppe by a variety of indicators - inIn particular, in species composition, resembles the fauna of deserts. For the steppes are characterized by hot summers, aridity, severe cold in the winter, a small amount of pasture. Therefore, animals inhabiting the steppe, are forced to adapt to severe climatic conditions. In summer most of them lead a nocturnal lifestyle.
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Of the ungulates, one often finds an antelope,Gazelle, saiga. In general, the steppe is characterized by species that have sharp eyesight and the ability to run fast. The Mongolian steppe is inhabited in large numbers by jigets. These are equidistant mammals of the horse family, which are a kind of wild donkeys. They have a stocky body with a fleecy hue and a short black mane.
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It is difficult to imagine a steppe without wolves,Coyotes, jackals and corsacs. The latter should be discussed separately. Korsak is a steppe fox that looks like an ordinary fox, but has longer legs and a short tail. In summer, its skin has a rusty gray color, in the winter it becomes yellowish.

Other Fauna

In the steppe live numerous rodents, building complex burrows, for example, hamsters, ground squirrels and groundhogs. Typical representatives of the steppe are jerboas.
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The birds are quite diverse: In the steppe inhabit gray herons, larks, kestrels, steppe eagles, quail, bustards, cranes-krasavki, hoopoe, drink, cisco, pink starlings. For winter, most of the birds fly away.
Finally, the animal world of the steppe zone includesYourself a huge amount of insects. Since strong winds blow in the steppe almost year-round, small flying or vice versa are powerful winged species capable of resisting the flow of air. First of all it is necessary to call the locusts, quite a few Diptera and Hymenoptera. There are butterflies - mostly modest scoops.
Attention is drawn to the fact that the steppeThe zone of North America is inhabited by a much poorer fauna than in Eurasia. Even less diverse is the fauna of Australia - here the steppes are inhabited mainly by marsupials.

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