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What animals live in America

What animals live in America

America embraces two continents: South America, and North.

Due to this, the fauna in this part of the world is large and diverse.

However, there are some similarities between the fauna of northern America and Eurasia.



America is known for its grizzly bear claws that reach 13 cm. You can meet him mostly in Alaska. There is also home to wolves, foxes, wolverines, foxes and kind animal beaver.


In some regions of Canada can be found caribou and musk ox, and in the mountains - bighorn sheep, which thanks to its bifurcation hoof ideal for rocky terrain.


Feline in North America live cougar and lynx, and in the South meets the ocelot, the beast that is listed in the Red Book, the growth of the entire meter.


Also in South America lives a little deer Pudu,no taller than 40 cm. And in the forests of the Amazon are located high in the trees short-tailed monkey uakari. There is also a wonderful maned wolf, which differs from its congeners that eats not only birds, but also fruit and even some plants.


From small mammals are known in the Southerncontinent capybaras (the largest rodent in the world) and chinchilla, and on the northern mainland live squirrels, opossums, lemmings and a small, but valuable animal - ermine.


In the waters of South America found spectacledCaiman, which reaches almost 3 meters in length, and the manatee, resides at the bottom of the reservoir. Also here you can find cheerful dolphins. In the northern part of the reservoir is much more dangerous. It is home to alligators and white shark.


In America, the deserts inhabited by the world's onlyvenomous lizard - zhilate or Gila monster. Yad it is not dangerous to humans. But the dangerous poison of the rattlesnake, which can also be found on the northern mainland.


In America, there are many species of birds. America is considered the symbol of the bald eagle. And the biggest bird here - this Andean condor living in the mountains. He lives in America and is the smallest and beautiful bird in the world - hummingbirds. From flightless - bird rhea, a relative of the ostrich.

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