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How are animals living in America


What animals live in America</a>

America covers two continents: South America and North.

Due to this, the animal world in this part of the world is great and diverse.

However, there is some similarity between the fauna of the northern part of America and Eurasia.



America is known for its grizzly bear, whose claws reach 13 cm. You can meet it mainly in Alaska. Also here are wolves, arctic foxes, wolverines, foxes and a good beaver animal.


In some areas of Canada, you can find a caribou and a musk ox, and in the mountains a snow sheep whose hoofs, due to its bifurcation, are ideal for rocky terrain.


From the family of felines in North America live puma and lynx, and in the South there is an ocelot, a beast that is listed in the Red Book, growing only one meter.


Also in South America there lives a small deer pood,Not more than 40 cm tall. And in the forests of the Amazon, the short-tailed monkeys of Huakari are high on the trees. Here there is an amazing maned wolf, which differs from its relatives by eating not only birds, but also fruits and even some plants.


From small mammals known on the southernThe continent of capybara (the largest rodent in the world) and chinchilla, while the northern mainland is home to squirrels, opossums, lemmings and a small but valuable animal - ermine.


In the waters of South America, there are spectacularCaiman, reaching almost 3 meters in length, and manatee, living on the bottom of the pond. Also here you can meet cheerful dolphins. In the northern part of the reservoir is much more dangerous. Here are found the alligator and the white shark.


In the deserts of America, there is only one in the worldThe poisonous lizard is the abode, or the Gila Monster. Its poison is not dangerous to humans. But the poison of the rattlesnake, which can also be found on the northern mainland, is dangerous.


In America there are many varieties of birds. The symbol of America is the bald eagle. And the biggest bird here is the Andean condor, which lives in the mountains. Lives in America and the smallest and most beautiful bird in the world - the hummingbird. Of the flightless, the bird is nandoo, a relative of ostriches.

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