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What animals are found in the tropics

What animals are found in the tropics

Tropical - this is an amazing place with humid and warm climates.

animals living here are different bright colors and unpredictable behavior.

Many tropical inhabitants kept in zoos, and some can only be found in nature.

Big cats tropics

Urals wolves
In the torrid zone live large representativesfelines. The most common of them - it's leopards and tigers. The tiger is considered the most dangerous predator of the tropics. It is quick and ruthless. His prey becomes and monkeys, and gazelles, and even zebra. However, despite this, the tigers are afraid of people and attack them only in very rare cases.
Leopards tropics are divided into several types,but they all have the characteristic spots on the skin. By the way, the famous black panther, a symbol of grace and beauty - also a leopard, but with black spots on a black background. Also interesting clouded leopard. He climbs trees better than a domestic cat, leaping from branch to branch and bringing terror to the monkeys.

Tigers are found not only in the tropics, but also in the mountains, and in the northern regions.

These different monkey rainforest

Vermoxum taken before meals or after
Funny monkeys that are so popular with children -it is not only mischievous monkeys and macaques. In the tropics, there are dozens of species of these animals, very tiny and huge. The smallest monkey - a pygmy marmoset. Its size is 11-15 cm. The animal looks like a cute furry toy and easily fits in the palm of your hand. Tamarins live in trees and feed on tree sap and insects.
The biggest monkey - a gorilla. Males reach growth of the average man - 1.75 meters and their weight often exceeds 200 kg. Gorillas live in the land, and feed on insects and green shoots of plants.

According to scientists, the gorilla - close relatives of man.

Pachyderm tropics

tapirs are found
Hippo least like a slender horse,and yet his name is translated as "river horse." Hippos spend most of the day in a tropical swamp, and even their deliveries occur directly in the water. Despite the apparent heaviness and melancholy, hippos very fierce, if they or their babies at risk.
Another typical tropical animal - rhinoceros. These animals are among the most dangerous - angry rhino running at a speed of 40 km / h, and its sharp horn is able to pierce the thickest skin. The only thing that saves the victim from the rage rhino - this bad eyesight pachyderm. Orient rhinos usually smell.
The only animals that transcend rhinocerosrage - is elephants. Some of the large mammals live in herds, which are usually headed by the oldest female. Elephants are among the most intelligent animals - they are able to differentiate between the notes, have their own language and recognize themselves in a mirror.

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