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How animals are found in the taiga


What animals are found in the taiga</a>

Taiga is a unique place. In it you can meet a huge number of rare animals that have managed to adapt to severe climatic conditions and inhabit the huge coniferous forests.

What kind of animals are the owners of this natural reserve?

Taiga animals

In the taiga are found such mammals as musk deer,Elk, squirrel, chipmunk, brown bear, flying squirrel, lynx, weasel, odontra and ermine. Losi - one of the most characteristic of its representatives, live in forests, on the shores of lakes, marshes and in low-lying areas with young deciduous species. They are not afraid of wolves, because their enormous strength and hoofs make it possible to fight off any predator - of course, if he does not attack from the back. The musk deer is the smallest forest ungulate. It has strongly developed fangs, and musk deer are known for their bag of musk, strongly smelling of natural substance, which is widely used in the perfume industry.
Lives in the taiga and the most valuable fur animal -Sable, which chooses the most remote areas of the taiga with streams and streams as its habitat. The sable is also tied to the impenetrable cedar stlant, arranging its nests under its roots. Another small predator of the taiga, chipmunk, lives in burrows under fallen trees, stumps and stones. A larger predator, lynx, is the only species of wild cat in the taiga that leads a terrestrial life and perfectly climbs trees. Lives in the taiga and wolverine, which has incredible endurance and leading a wandering lifestyle. The flying squirrel externally resembles an ordinary squirrel, but its skin along the sides forms a fur fold that stretches and turns into a kind of wings that allow the fly to plan to jump.

Life of taiga animals

The harsh climate of the taiga greatly complicates life,However, its inhabitants have long adapted to it. Many animals grow long, thick fur for the winter, some use snow as a temporary shelter, and the hare, lynx and wolverine can walk in the snow thanks to their wide paws with long, stiff hairs on them.
Getting food in the taiga is not easy, thereforeTaiga animals managed to develop their own system of food storage. So, the northern deer get out from under the snow a reindeer, hares bite the bark of bushes and trees, and sables, bears and lynx eat pine nuts and seeds of coniferous trees. Proteins living in the taiga reserve for the winter in advance, and badgers and bears fall into hibernation. Chipmunk stores food from autumn, and in the winter season follows the example of bears and badgers, eating their stocks in the spring. In summer, taiga residents eat berries and mushrooms, and predators hunt small rodents.

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