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What animals are found in the forest

What animals are found in the forest

Taiga is a unique place. In it you can find a huge number of rare animals that have managed to adapt to the harsh climate and populate the vast coniferous forests.

What animals are the masters of this nature reserve?

Taiga animals

In the taiga are found mammals such as the musk deer,elk, squirrel, chipmunk, brown bear, flying squirrel, lynx, weasel, ermine and odnatra. Moose - one of the most characteristic of its members live in the woods, on the shores of lakes, marshes and low-lying areas with young deciduous species. They are not afraid of wolves because of their enormous power and allow the hoof to fight back against any predator - of course, if he did not attack from behind. Musk deer is the smallest forest ungulate. She strongly developed teeth, while males are known for their musk bag of musk, strongly smelling natural substance that is widely used in the perfume industry.
He lives in the forest and the most valuable fur animal -sable which chooses the place of his habitation the most remote areas of the taiga with rivers and streams. Tied to the sable also impassable elfin cedar, arranging for its roots their nests. Another small predator taiga, chipmunk lives in burrows under fallen trees, stumps and rocks. Larger predator, lynx, in the forest is the only species of wild cat that leads terrestrial life and excellent climbs on trees. He lives in the forest and wolverine has incredible stamina and leading a vagabond life. Flying squirrel resembles a normal protein, but her skin on the sides of the fold forms the fur, which is stretched and transformed into a kind of wings that allow Letyago plan to jump.

Life taiga animals

The harsh climate of the taiga greatly complicates the life,but its inhabitants have long been adapted to it. Many animals let grow the winter long thick fur, some of them use the snow as a temporary dwelling, and hare, lynx and wolverine can walk through the snow thanks to the wide paws with long coarse hair on them.
Foraging in the forest is quite difficult, sotaiga animals were able to develop their own system of storing food. So, reindeer pull out from under the snow moss, rabbits gnaw the bark of shrubs and trees, and sables, bears and bobcats eat pine nuts, and seeds of conifers. Squirrels living in the territory of the taiga, stocking up for winter meals in advance, and badgers and bears hibernate. Chipmunk food stores since autumn, and in the winter season following the example of bears and badgers, eating their reserves in the spring. Summer taiga residents eat berries and mushrooms, and the predators prey on small rodents.

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