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How animals and plants live in Mexico


Mexican landscape</a>

The warm Mexican climate of the tropics and subtropics, mountains and the ocean coast are excellent conditions for the growth of a variety of unusual plants and for the residence of a large variety of animals.

There are both oaks and olive trees - trees of different climatic zones, typical of warm iguanas, as well as bears and wolves typical for temperate zones.

The rather extensive territory of Mexico is differentRich in plant and animal life, the species diversity of which varies depending on climatic zones. In one part of the country you can meet lovers of cool bears, and in the other - hummingbirds surrounded by orchids.
The climatic zones of Mexico are divided by a parallelTropic of Cancer, entering the subtropical in the north of the country and the tropical belt in the south. However, the differences are more pronounced in the weather conditions of coastal and mountainous regions. So, in the mountains it is always cooler, even in summer the air rarely warms up above +15 ° C. From November to April, dry weather is established throughout the whole territory, and the season of precipitation starts in June and lasts until September. In the period from mid-summer to November, hurricanes are frequent, especially on the Caribbean coast.

Mexican plants

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The main cactus of Mexico is Nopal. He is depicted on the arms of this country. 700 years ago, the Aztecs valued this plant. And now the Mexicans use it in many dishes.

In the north-eastern part of the country on semi-desertThe territory of the flora is represented by cacti, agave, mesquite trees. At the foot of the slopes of the mountain chains of the Sierra Mandre, both in the west and in the east, there are willows, poplars and oaks. On the California peninsula in the mountains grows a lot of pine trees. In the vicinity of Tampico, shrubs of semi-deserts are replaced by plants characteristic of the savannah.
In the south, where there is traditionally moreRainfall, often there are wetlands. Palms, olives, red and cotton trees prevail here. In the area adjacent to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico among the main representatives of the flora are ferns, orchids, mangroves.
In the southern part of the country, especially on the Yucatán Peninsula, tropical forests are widely spread. In the mountains of the south grow oaks, firs, and in the highlands there are also alpine meadows.

Animals of Mexico

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In southern Mexico, there is a green iguana. Unlike their relatives, this species of lizards has horns on the tip of the nose and between the eyes.

Among the shrubs and cacti of semi-desertsThe central part of the country is inhabited by a variety of rodents, hares, wild cats ocelots. In the north, coyotes, jaguars, black bears, wolves, pumas, as well as deer and wild boars are common in wooded areas. In the desert territories, lizards of various kinds found shelter. But among them you will not find an iguana that prefers the tropical forests of the south. Wetlands of this region are also suitable for alligators and crocodiles. In the tropical forests of both coasts and the south, live monkeys, tapirs, anteaters, parrots of macaws, hummingbirds, toucans.
Thus, the heterogeneity of the terrain and climatic conditions led to a striking diversity of the nature of Mexico for one country.

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