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WHAT andulinovaya roof

Andulinovaya roof

When it comes to andulinovoy roof, many believe that this is something special. However andulin not mark the material.

So a brand name, and the material should be called undulating bitumen slate.

Corrugated bituminous slate, called colloquiallyandulin, she appeared on the domestic spaces before all other roof coverings and is considered to be a household name, like Xerox or Pampers. Therefore, in common like roofing became known andulinovaya roof.
This material is in great demand in the modern consumer and it is not surprising, because it has many advantages, as compared with a metallic coating.

Features andulinovogo material

The main feature is the one that is the roofing does not create noise when strong gusts of wind or rain. The material is not heated and does not generate condensate.
On metal counterparts can often be observed,the paint peels off, with andulinovoy roof this phenomenon does not occur. Besides, this material quite a rich assortment of colors, and it allows the buyer to choose what he is most needed.

Installed roofing andulina very simple, much easier than metal sheets.

In dry weather attic, which is covered andulinom, it can not be heated, in contrast to metal roofs because the material is composed of bitumen. Also like coating never rust.
there are two types of cover in principle -tiled and slate. They possess some distinctive characteristics. Tiles of andulina is a material which is made of a soft sheet. It is considered perfectly imitating natural tile. Such tiles are characterized by good flexibility, and because they have a small size, the amount of waste during installation of the roof will be much less.

Construction andulinovoy tiles

Tiles are made of fiberglasscanvas, which is covered on both sides with oxidized bitumen. The lower portion also has a special protective film of bitumen, which, if necessary, can be easily removed.

The top layer is covered with tiles to protect the mineral grit having a variety of colors.

Bituminous mass gives the option to cancel glued sheets of the roof structure as a result of increased water resistance gets.
Slate sheets of andulina done so onappearance is not much different from the asbestos cement analogue. Is that the color indicates that this material is made of fiberglass canvas coated with bitumen.

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