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WHAT is Anduline roofing


Anduline roofing</a>

When it comes to the andulina roof, many people think that this is something special. However, the andulin is not a brand of material.

This is the name of the brand, and the material should be called wavy bituminous slate.

Wavy bituminous slate, referred to in common parlanceAndulin, appeared on domestic spaces before all other roofing coatings and is considered a household name, such as Xerox or Pampers. Therefore, in the common people, such a roof covering was called the Andulin roof.
This material is in great demand with the modern consumer and this is not surprising, since it has many advantages, in comparison with the metal coating.

Features of the Andulin material

The main feature is that the roof covering does not create noise with strong gusts of wind or rain. The material does not heat up and does not create condensation.
On a metal analog it can often be observed,That the paint is peeling off, there is no such thing with an andulinic roof. In addition, this material has a rich assortment of color solutions, which allows the buyer to choose what he most needs.

Mounted roofing of andulin is very simple, much lighter than metal sheets.

In dry weather, the attic, which is covered with andulin, can not heat up, unlike the metal roof, because the material has bitumen in its composition. Also, such a coating never rusts.
In principle, there are two types of this coating -Tiled and slate. They have some distinctive properties. The tile made of andulin is a material that is made of a soft sheet. It is considered a quality imitation of natural tiles. Such tiles are characterized by good flexibility, and due to the fact that they have small dimensions, the amount of waste when laying the roof will be significantly less.

The construction of the andulin shingles

Tiles are made of fiberglassCanvas, which is covered on both sides with oxidized bitumen. The lower part also has a special protective film of bitumen, which, if necessary, can be easily removed.

Above, the tile layer is covered for protection with mineral crumbs, which have a variety of colors.

Bituminous mass makes it possible to glue the sheets perfectly, the roof construction as a result gets increased water resistance.
Slate of andulin is made into sheets, so byAppearance does not differ much from the asbestos cement analogue. Unless the color indicates that this material is made of fiberglass canvas with bitumen coating.

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