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What an interesting movie to see

What an interesting movie to see

You each have their own preferences, which are caused by age, education, and many other criteria.

Not to be mistaken in the variety kinopredlozheny year wiser to use the rating data.

Russian cinema

Not so long ago there was a myth thatnational cinema, rather dead than alive, and if not already gone, already moribund, because this is what prompted the different ratings. However, this myth is dispelled rental leader of the "Legend of number 17". Besides the fact that this is an interesting film story by Nikolai Lebedev looks at one go, it also reminds us of the days of grandeur and glory when winning sports replenish a number of scientific, technological and even cinematic. A film about the hockey legends of the country, and hockey in Russia, as we know, more than just hockey. Some critics called it a beacon for the Russian film, but it's not in their assessments and did not even rolling profits - "Legend №17» is very professionally made movie. The film, in fact, never "pinched" and its scale is comparable to the scale of the personality and his legendary coach.

The film "Legend №17», definitely worth a look, with the whole family.

Another rating movie with pretensions to lightcomedy - "That is love!" Russian-Belarusian film story, which critics, as they should, criticized, and the audience liked it. Banal story of two business ladies who are waiting for a business trip romantic stories, adventure, unusual turns of fate. Easy movie. It looks for positive emotions. A bit pathetic, a bit ridiculous. Unlike most sitcoms, the ending is not banal. The apparent benefit of actress Anna Antonova. If you want to relax a bit and relax with your family, it is worth to take the risk!

Foreign luck

The choice is immense, but, by all accounts, the movieyear did not happen, although there are a few guidelines. And views, and the most successful collections - R. Howard "Race." To some extent this - double the national "Legends №17». The recent past in the life of American stars of Formula 1. High-quality blockbuster, professional work of the operator, the director, the actors of the victory over fear, laziness and betrayal. The film is worth seeing even for those who are not a fan of racing cars.

The film "Race" is not only and not so much about race, but about the human qualities of champions.

If you love European cinema, you're in luck withwindfall Giuseppe Tornatore. A follower of the great Italians took a decent drama to the music of Enzo Marrikone - "best offer." Also for original story with a mysterious stranger, the film in a European smart, leisurely. Good luck Geoffrey Rush and all the talented troupe to present the film. If you set up today to receive aesthetic pleasure - to sit back and try not to be distracted.

When the day I want to finish on an emotionalrise, is perfect for viewing rating crime thriller "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels," Guy Ritchie, who was again at the box office. The film was made in the 90s, but thanks to the success peresnyat in 3D, and again took the top ranking of the line. If you - a fan of dynamic, event-saturated adventure stories and games with decent known actors, the film for you.
If among your friends have viewersfans of the cartoon, and do you not averse to revive old, it is recommended sensational "Rio 2". Very kind and colorful cartoon in which you have to go for unusual adventures in the Amazon jungle with good and funny little parrots.

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