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What action to take, if you drove the car

What to do if you have a stolen car

Despite the fact that since the 90s the crime rate has dropped significantly, autostealings still remained a frequent occurrence.

Often against the hijackers do not help neither intelligent alarm or garages or guarded parking lots.

Therefore, clear and competent actions motorist - the key to a speedy and successful recovery of stolen cars.

Hijacking vehicles for different purposes: it can be a kidnapping specific vehicle "custom" or stealing to sell for parts, or as a means of ransom from the owner of the car.

Contacting the police

Early treatment in law enforcement -the first thing that has to make the motorist, who drove the car. In a fair statement of police officers search the car in hot pursuit gives much better results. Recommended even first call "02" and report the theft, and then go write a statement to the police.
When dealing with the police behavemost tactful. Do not threaten, do not frighten the employees their connections and do not join with them in the war of words. The maximum that this can be achieved - it promises to do everything possible, but no real investigative actions. It is better to act diplomatically, via requests and unobtrusive beliefs.
Often, the police offer to holdinvestigation informally. That is, the victim takes the statement as an employee for a fee is a car and returns it to the owner. An experienced detective knows anyone who could commit theft, knows where the car is likely to look for and how to click on the thief, so he returned the stolen goods. To agree to such a proposal or not - everyone's business.

independent action

To quickly return the stolen car,appropriate and to take certain measures. For example, print ads on the search for the stolen car. They certainly define the brand, model and color of car, its signs, time and place of theft, possible witnesses and how to communicate with the owner. The volume of the text should be small and be accompanied by a photograph of the machine. These ads can be paste up in crowded places, hand out to passers-by to send to all the police stations.
Go around the next few quarters and areas in searchcars. Firstly, if the car is stolen for ransom or simply "ride", or leave it hidden in some yard or garage complex. If possible, ask neighbors, old women on benches, janitors, guards, and even the homeless. They may be bystanders crime.
If the car was not stolen "underorder 'and not for disassembly for parts, the kidnappers via plastered ads can reach the owner of the car and offer to "help" to return the car for a fee. In other words, to return for a ransom. redemption amount is usually 20% of the value of stolen. Pay hijackers or surrender them to the police - this decision is made by the owner of the car itself.
If you decide to seek help fromthe police, aware that racketeers are likely figured out that option. And hold them will be difficult. Although much depends on the professionalism of investigators and operatives. If you decide to pay, bargain to the last.
The most important thing at all stages - to act quicklyand decisively, do not despair and do not panic. Before and responsible decisions, better well all think. At a meeting with the kidnappers not to walk alone, but with a trustworthy person, do not show the hijackers of fear and despair.

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