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What is access to content providers' services?


A content provider is an organization that provides information of the required type for a fee.

This term can be found when faced with mobile payments and connections of various subscriptions to services.

What is a content provider

Before this organization can accessTo give out content to people, she will coordinate all the nuances directly with the cellular operator. Money for services is debited directly from the account number by connecting a billing system - a payment processing system. That is, a chain is constructed from the operator, content provider, billing and those who help sell these services.
Access to services refers to the designDaily subscription or one-time charge from the account by sending SMS to a short number. This access gives you a login and password to enter a site, or you send some information to the phone in sms or push notification - instant response to the screen.
The services provided can be very different from getting a horoscope or weather forecast for today until access to the application, music or video directory for the phone.

Payment Methods

Today, access to such services is possible 4Ways: premium sms, pseudo subscriptions, mt-subscription and wap-click. The first method is the most inconvenient and involves sending the code you typed to the specified short number of a certain cost from 3 to 300 rubles per message, the fee is one-time. Pseudo subscriptions work better. To make such payment it is enough to send a message with any text in response to the one that came to you.
Payment is also made once. MT-subscriptions are available for 3 popular Russian operators: Megafon, MTS and Beeline and are conducted immediately on the website on the Internet. You need to enter the phone number and received the SMS code to enter on the site. The period of validity is unlimited, once in a certain period of time you are debited from 3 to 20 rubles.
WAP-click is a completely new payment access format,And is only available for Megaphone and Beeline. If you accessed the Internet from a phone or tablet, you just show a button that confirms the connection. Payment is daily if there is money on the account from 5 to 12 rubles.
It often happens that people do not know how muchIt is worth connecting the service. If you are asked to enter the phone number on the Internet, promising some result after this, it is better to read somewhere on the page cost information. Usually it is at the bottom of the page and, of course, in small print.
Each content provider that has received approval from operators is very valuable to them, because what you pay for through the phone will certainly be useful.

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