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WHAT access to content providers

What is the access to content providers

Content provider - an organization that provides information required for the type of card.

This term can be met in the face of mobile payments and connections of various subscriptions to services.

What is the content provider

Before the organization gets accessto give content to people, she agreed all the details directly from the mobile operator. Money for services is deducted directly from the account number by connecting billing - payment processing system. That is built from a chain operator, content provider, the billing and the one who helps sell these services.
Under the access to services mean clearancedaily subscription or one-time debit from the account of sending SMS to short number. This access provides you with a login and password to log on to any site, or be sent to you some information on the phone in the SMS or push-notification - instant response to the output screen.
Available services may vary from receiving horoscope or the weather forecast for today to access the directory of applications, music or videos to your phone.

Payment Methods

Today, access to these services is possible 4ways: SMS Premium, psevdopodpiska, MT-subscription and wap-click. The first method is the most uncomfortable and involves sending the code, you dialed the specified short number specified value from 3 to 300 rubles per message fee single. Psevdopodpiski work better. To carry out such a payment to send a message with any text in response to came to you.
Payments are also made once. MT-subscriptions are available for 3 popular Russian operators MegaFon, MTS and Beeline and are held directly on the website. You need to enter the phone number in the SMS and the resulting code to enter on the website. Validity is unlimited, once a certain period of time with you is debited from 3 to 20 rubles.
WAP-click to access a whole new payment formatand is accessible only to Megafon and Beeline. If you are logged in to the Internet from your phone or tablet, you simply show a button that confirms the connection. Cash daily if you have money in the account from 5 to 12 rubles.
It often happens that people do not know how muchis the service connection. If you are asked to enter the Internet phone number, promising some sort of result after this, better read somewhere on the information on the cost of the page. Usually it is at the bottom of the page and, of course, the fine print.
Each content provider gets approval from operators cherishes it, as something for which you pay over the phone, sure to be useful.

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