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Oxygen sensor

Combustion in the cylinders of engines impossible without oxygen.

During his presence ensures a special device - the presence of oxygen sensor (oxygen sensor).

In case of violation of the engine, it is necessary to check its technical condition.

You will need

  • Service, technical documentation of the car diagnostic equipment.



Determine the accelerating deterioration of the dynamics of the car on their own observations.


Set the symptoms of this deterioration. If there are disturbances in the operation of the engine? increased fuel consumption or a fall in power, it is necessary to check the operation of the oxygen sensors that are responsible for the formation of the fuel-air mixture.


We carry out a visual inspection of the power unit. In modern models of oxygen sensors for at least two cars. Check the wiring, fingering through the rubber boot terminals on the sensor located on the intake manifold.


Similarly, check the wiring on the second oxygen sensor, located in the area of ​​exhaust system.


Check with the help of measuring equipment onSTO state oxygen sensors. It should be remembered that they can not be repaired. If the sensor does not match the operating parameters? it should be replaced. Other options provided by the manufacturer.

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