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What tale Warm bread Paustovsky

What tale Warm bread

Paustovsky is the author of fairy tales "warm bread", beloved by several generations.

This story is very edifying, since it describes the human relationships and morals that people often ignored in the pursuit of their own selfish principles.

Description of the plot

In winter near the same village were cavalrymen,who left her steed, wounded in the leg. Miller Pancrate cured animal and horse in gratitude helped him fix Melnitskaya dam - winter was harsh, and the meal ended with people. The village threatened famine. Once the horse reached the boy Shary, who ate a piece of bread, but the boy shouted at him and threw the bread away in the snow. At this point, the village bumped terrible storm, which subsided only in the evening, leaving the river is frozen to the bottom.

Residents of the village of frozen river threatened with starvation - because without water mill could not operate and grind flour.

Realizing the consequences of his action, he ran Sharyto repent to his grandmother, who told him about the case a century ago, when a similar situation occurred in the village after a local snapper offended old-crippled soldiers. As a result, the land became a desert - longer flowering gardens, forests are dry, and the animals and birds scattered. Shary has decided to correct his mistake and went to Pankrat, who was a clever and learned man.

Decoupling tales Paustovsky

Miller Pancrate Shary advised to inventsaved from the fierce cold, to make amends before the horse. Shary long thought and finally came up with - he apologized to the villagers and asked them for help in cracking icy river. Work started, as a result of the effort people have managed to get to the water and turn the mill wheel. Pancrate could begin to grind flour, and the village was saved from severe hunger. However Filka still tormented by guilt to unfairly hurt the horse.

In the evening all the villagers to celebrate bakedsweet fragrant rosy bread that Shary suffered horse. Rift loaf, he gave it to the animal, but he backed away from the abuser. The boy was frightened that he did not receive forgiveness and wept bitterly, but the miller Pancrate calmed the horse and told him that Shary not evil and learned a lot. The horse took the bread out of the hands of the offender, and the boy from the stale person become a person with a good heart.

This tale teaches people to be responsive, kind and able to transcend his pride to ask for forgiveness.

In the fairy tale "warm bread" intertwinedhuman relations, which should be able to take responsibility for their actions, correcting caused them harm. Everything in our world is interconnected, so that then do not have to untie the knots tightly wound, you need to have the courage to pull the string at the beginning and spread, it is still a small ball of resentment.

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