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How to surprise your sister for her birthday

What a surprise to make my sister on her birthday </a>

It happens that even the closest people quarrel.

They can not find a common language. However, during the disagreement, they continue to feel tender feelings towards each other.

And on the birthday especially.

Because the choice of a gift - a pleasant effort.

After all, the surprise should be remembered for many years.

A gift for a younger sister.

Turn the birthday of the younger sister into a fairy talenot difficult. It is enough to find out what kind of gift she would like to receive. Little girls tend to like dolls. Therefore, if you find in the store one that does not yet exist in your sister's collection, buy it safely.
Even more interesting gift is a doll house. Playing with him and his inhabitants, the little sister will learn to fantasize and put different skits.
A good gift can be colorful books and educational games.
A special surprise will be a trip to the DolphinariumOr an amusement park. A holiday with cartoon characters and fairy tales, a cake and a huge number of balloons will certainly delight any little girl.

Surprise for the older sister.

Birthday of the older sister can be planned more interesting. Since you are well aware of her preferences, imagine what emotions might cause in her soul a particular surprise.
For example, you can organize kidnapping. There is no crime here, but the spirit of adventurism is present. Let's say your sister likes to sail. This will be the last point in her adventure. Hire a car, decorate it. Call an unknown number to your sister and ask them to go outside. The driver will tie her eyes and take you to the yacht. By this time it is necessary to have time to put on the table and invite friends.
A good gift for a sister can be a stylishScarf or handbag. At the same time, they should approach the image of the birthday girl. So, a bag with rhinestones is unlikely to be approved if the sister prefers a sporting style.
If the sister is fond of photography, as aPresentation can be handed a professional camera. Lovers will be pleased to cook a book on cooking. And it is unlikely that any girl will refuse a manicure set.
On the birthday of her beloved sisterPass to the pool, massage, fitness. Determine where to buy a subscription - it's easy. Suffice it to consult the very birthday girl. Surely she has been dreaming about something for a long time. In addition, you can order a pass for yourself. So you will make up your sister and arrange your form.
If you want to become a real wizard andPrepare a surprise - the limit of all dreams, hand the ticket to distant lands. In this case, you can also go on vacation together. You can make up for the communication that the house lacked time for. Troubles, work, husbands, children - all will recede into the background. All that is required of you is to enjoy an amazing journey and get pleasant impressions.

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