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What a state theft

What is the state theft

Theft of state property for centuries considered to be one of the most common illegal acts committed in the society.

The subjective side of the state is always theftcharacterized by selfish purposes and direct intention. The subject who committed the offense can be a physical responsible person who has achieved the age of 14, and officials of legal entities.
The subject of the theft - state property. Objectivity state secret theft is the theft of any state property.

Secretly or openly committed theft of government?

Theft of state property is considered secret in the event that:
- Theft committed in the period of absence sobstvennika-
- Theft committed in the time of presence of the owner (in this case, the official representative of the state), but made invisible for him a way.
According to statistics, most of the state is theft committed by imperceptibly for the official representatives of the state.
In judicial practice, solution of the question ofdetermining the completion of state theft often causes a large number of uncertainties. It depends on a number of very different circumstances, such as location and the specific situation of the state of committing theft, the nature and value of the state property and abduct motives guilty about the future of their illegal seizures of state property. Often there are situations when the state starts stealing a secret.
Solving questions about the secret or overt theft was a state, it should be based on two main criteria: subjective and objective.

Objective and subjective criteria of state theft

The objective criterion indicates whether knownofficial representatives of the state of this theft. The subjective criterion characterizes the mental attitude of the perpetrator of the theft to the selected method for them to commit theft, understanding whether it is open or secret acts.

When state theft is considered complete?

State theft is considered perfect,when it is finished. In this case, it becomes quite obvious that the offender has withdrawn the state property and illegal way had the opportunity to dispose of it at its sole discretion.

Who is affected by the state of thefts?

The consequences of theft of state areabsolutely obvious for the official representatives of the state and all citizens living in this country. It suck surprising, because in most cases, it is painful to state theft hit not only on the state budget, but also for the well-being of every citizen of the country in respect of which was carried out similar theft.

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