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WHAT is state theft?


The theft of state property for many centuries is considered to be one of the most common unlawful acts committed in the society.

The subjective side of state theft is alwaysCharacterized by selfish goals and direct intent. The subject who committed this offense can be both a physical responsible person who has reached the age of 14, and official representatives of legal entities.
The subject of this theft is state property. The objectivity of state theft lies in the secret theft of any state property.

Secretly or clearly committed state theft?

Theft of state property is considered secret if:
- the theft was committed in the absence of the owner-
- the theft was committed at the time of the presence of the owner (in this case, the official representative of the state), but was produced in an inconspicuous way.
According to statistics, most often, state thefts are committed in an inconspicuous way for official representatives of the state.
In judicial practice, the resolution of the question ofThe timing of the completion of state theft often causes a large number of unclear points. It depends on a number of very different circumstances, such as: places and specific circumstances of the commission of state theft, the nature and value of the state property being stolen and the motives of the perpetrator regarding the future fate of the illegally seized state property. Often there are situations when state theft only begins secretly.
Solving the question of whether secret or obvious was state theft, one should proceed from two main criteria: subjective and objective.

Objective and subjective criterion of state theft

An objective criterion indicates whetherOfficial representatives of the state about this theft. The subjective criterion characterizes the psychic attitude of the person guilty of the theft to the chosen way of committing the theft, the understanding of whether it acts openly or secretly.

When is state theft completed?

State theft is considered perfect,When it can be considered complete. In this case it becomes quite obvious that the guilty person seized state property and illegally got the opportunity to dispose of it at his own discretion.

Who suffers from state theft?

The consequences of state theft are becomingAbsolutely obvious for both official representatives of the state, and for all citizens living in this state. This is not surprising, because in most cases, it is state theft painfully hitting not only the state budget, but also the welfare of every citizen of the country in respect of which such embezzlement was committed.

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