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WHAT performance

Marina Abramovic and Ulay in the performance "The relationship with time", 1977 Scene from the film "Marina Abramović: The presence of the artist"

When walking in the street, you will see an unusual action - do not jump to conclusions.

Did you witness the performances, and thus touched the contemporary art.

By the definition of the concept

To understand what a performance, it is worthrefer to authoritative sources. According to the dictionary of terms paintings, performance (from the English performance -. "Performance", "performance", "game", "view") - a short presentation, executed by one or more members of the public to the art gallery, museum or outdoors.
This form of modern art was born inthe end of the 1960s, absorbing the elements of theater, dance, music, poetry. But for all its eclectic performance it has a number of features that make it completely independent phenomenon of today's cultural life.

The characteristics of performance art as an art form

Performance is a well-planned action. It presupposes the existence of a specific scenario in which can be thought out everything, including the tiniest movement. Action becomes like a game, the rules of which defines the artist himself.
Particular importance is given to the artist in action. Author tries performance on the role of a certain character, and selects a specific behavioral pattern that helps to express the idea of ​​representation.
This assumes the audience is not involved in the process. An outside person does not become part of the artistic action, but remains an observer.
Performance protests against traditionalartistic principles, does not require the viewer's perception from the standpoint of the usual art. Action is often ironic, parodic beginning, aimed at shocking. Thus expressed radical aesthetic position of the artist.

Known perfomansisty and their work

One of the most famous performance artistsmodernity is a Yugoslav artist Marina Abramovic. His career she started in the late 1960s. In this period the first experiments with sound and space. However, the real glory was brought to her collaborations with Dutch performance artist and photographer Uwe Leysipenom, better known under the pseudonym of Ulai.
A striking example of co-creation and AbramovichUlai - performance "relationship over time." Artists, sitting with his back to each other, their hair plaited and were in a position of 16 hours. All this time in the hall of the gallery there was no one other than its employees. At the beginning of the 17th hour, when the Marina and Ulay were already pretty tired, to the gym invited audience. The artist managed to hold on for another hour, after which the presentation was completed.

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