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What a novel Prometheus Riddle

What a novel Prometheus Riddle

Roman Hungarian writer and playwright LajosMeshterhazi "Riddle Prometheus" was published in 1997, became a bestseller in the USSR. In it the writer combined the real story of the ancient world, fantasy and mythology, adding these components angry political satire and gentle humor.

What is so impressed "Riddle Prometheus" Soviet reader?

Description of the plot

About the ancient hero Prometheus, who came from a Greekmythology, they know almost everything. Brave Prometey for people stole the divine fire from heaven, and was punished by the god Zeus - Hephaestus made the chain, which Prometheus was chained to a rock. Every day, the place of execution flew an eagle pecking live liver of Prometheus and tearing beak barely had time to be delayed wound. The torture lasted for a hero for many years, until one day Heracles, passing by the rocks, killed the eagle and freed Prometheus, breaking the shackles of Hephaestus.

In 1976, "Riddle Prometheus" published "Foreign Literature" and Meshterhazi became famous.

What happened with Prometheus after hisLiberation? This silent all the ancient legends, but could not the hero, the greatest benefactor of mankind and freedom fighter simply dissolve in the dark ages? In his novel, the writer explains why ancient astronomers named after Prometheus no stars, and sculptors and architects have not built a single house, for him, a source, or even a simple altar.

Biography Lajos Meshterhazi

Lajos Meshterhazi was born on March 3, 1916 inHungarian town of Kispest. The future writer studied at the Budapest school, he graduated from the Philological Faculty of the University of Budapest and the University of Paris received a diploma. After studying Meshterhazi returned home and got a job as secretary in the English-Hungarian bank. The Second World War forced him to become a member of the anti-fascist underground movement and the Hungarian Communist Party.

The philosophical novel "The Mystery of Prometheus" is the most significant and an internationally known work Lajos Meshterhazi.

In addition, the Hungarian writer has workedan employee of the Hungarian Telegraphic Agency, the literary department of the Hungarian Radio, the magazine "Myuvelt Nep", publishing house "Elet el irodalom" and the magazine "Budapest". After writing witty and politically correct part of the novel "The mystery of Prometheus" on Meshterhazi pay close attention not only grateful readers, but also the "elder brother". However, communist views of the writer and his long track record was saved by Lajos Meshterhazi with power problems, and the novel was allowed to freely publish. After a series of publications known publishers, Hungarian gained almost worldwide fame, but today it is a great novel, unfortunately, almost forgotten.

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