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What a novel 100 Years of Solitude Marquez

What a novel 100 Years of Solitude

Mystical novel-parable "One Hundred Years of Solitude"He wrote the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who died recently, in April 2014, but had time during his lifetime to become a classic of world literature and one of the most important contemporary writers.

The Nobel Prize for Literature, Marquezwrote lots of other works, but this novel is one of the most popular, it has been translated into 35 languages ​​and to date its total circulation of 30 million.

The history of writing the novel "One Hundred Years of Solitude"

The novel was written in 1967 when the author was40 years. By this time Marquez has worked as correspondent for several Latin American newspapers, public relations manager and editor of screenplays, and his literary account was published several novels and stories.
The idea of ​​a new novel, which in the initialoption writer wanted to call "home", he is mature for a long time. Some of his characters, he even managed to describe in the pages of his earlier books. The novel was conceived as a broad epic, describing the life of numerous representatives of seven generations of the same family, so work on it took Marquez in all most of the time. He had to leave all other work. Laying machine, Marquez gave the money to his wife, so that she can keep two of their sons, and provide the writer's paper, coffee, cigarettes and some food. I must say that in the end the family even had to sell household appliances, because the money was not all.
As a result, a continuous 18-month work onwas born novel "One Hundred Years of Solitude", is so unusual and original that many publishing houses, where Marquez treated him simply refused to print it, it is not confident in its success with the public. The first edition of the novel published edition of just 8000 copies.

Single Family Chronicle

In its literary genre of the novel refers tothe so-called magical realism. It is so closely intertwined reality, mystery and fantasy that somehow separate them simply do not work, so the unreality of what is happening in it becoming the most that neither is a tangible reality.
"One Hundred Years of Solitude" tells the story onlyone family, but this is not a list of events happening to the characters. It looped time, which began its spiral twist with a family history of incest and finish this story, too incestuous. Colombian tradition of giving children the same family name further emphasizes the circularity and the inevitable recurrence, feeling that all members of the genus Buendia always feel inner loneliness and take it from a philosophical doom.
In fact, to retell the content of thisproduct is simply impossible. Like any work of genius, it is written only for one particular reader and the reader - you. Everyone perceives and understands it in his own way. Maybe so, while as many works of Marquez already filmed, none of the directors are not taken for what to bring to the screen the characters of this mystical romance.

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