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WHAT is the concept car


What is a concept car? </a>

Any large automotive company considers it its duty to represent its "creation of the future" at the international showrooms - the concept car.

Such a car demonstrates the technical and design capabilities of the company, advertising its products and attracting potential customers.

In literal translation, this expression means"The car of the future". In fact, the concept car created by the manufacturer to demonstrate new technologies, design directions that are available to the company. Most often, the concept car is made in a single copy. "Automobiles of the future" companies-producers willingly demonstrate at international salons, exhibitions. According to the reaction of visitors, the largest firms are trying to determine the potential of their innovations, which can then be launched into the series.

What is outside and inside

The concept car often has innovative solutions notOnly in terms of design, the body, suspension, engine is subjected to serious processing. As a material for the body, designers use such exotic materials as carbon fiber, ultralight alloys and even paper. Do not disregard the "heart" of cars, - its engine. For example, engineers create models with a minimum fuel consumption - 0.5 liters per hundred kilometers. The concept car doors can open up or even forward! And the number of wheels can differ from the traditional number: they can be 3 or 6.
The vast majority of these cars thatSometimes you can rightly be called a work of art, do not bring profit. Therefore, some concepts and remain in the form of mock-ups, and even just computer sketches. But there are also those that are collected according to the "full program" and are in working order. The majority of concept cars occupy an intermediate position and are not a complete design. In such cars at exhibitions you can sit and touch the controls, but they can move at a speed of no more than 20 km / h. Some manufacturers put on the showrooms and do static models, made of metal, plastic, fiberglass and even wax, clay.

Where to go concept cars

Cars of this type never arrive (afterExhibitions) on the production line, even if the auto show passed with maximum success. Designers will refine their creation, make changes to it, ensuring that the model becomes practical, safe and not too "biting" at cost. When the concept car loses its relevance, it is usually dismantled and destroyed. Sometimes the most interesting models are sent to the warehouse or exhibited in the museum of the manufacturer.

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