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What is the concept car

What is the concept car

Any large company, the automaker considers it his duty to present at international motor shows its "creation of the Future" - a concept car.

This car demonstrates the technical and design capabilities of the company, promoting its products and attract potential customers.

The literal translation of this expression means"Car of the future." In fact, the concept - car designed by the manufacturer for the demonstration of new technologies, design trends, which are available from the company. Most often, the concept car is produced in a single copy. "Cars of the Future" manufacturing companies are willing to show at international events and exhibitions. After the reaction the largest firms of visitors are trying to determine their potential for innovation, which can then be run in series.

What on the outside and inside

The concept car is often not innovative solutionsonly in terms of design- serious processing is subjected to body, chassis, engine. As a material for the designers of the body using such exotic materials such as carbon fiber, ultra-light alloys, and even paper. Do not leave without attention and the "heart" of car - its engine. For example, engineers create models with minimum fuel consumption - 0.5 liters per hundred kilometers. In the concept car doors can be opened up or even more! A number of the wheels may be different from the traditional number: there may be three or six.
The vast majority of these vehicles aresometimes you can rightly be called a work of art, do not bring profit. Therefore, some of the concepts and remain in the form of models, or simply computer sketches. But there are those that are going on, "full program" and are in working order. Most concept cars occupy an intermediate position and are not finished construction. In such cars at exhibitions you can sit, touch control- elements but they will be able to move at a speed of 20 km / h. Some manufacturers put up showrooms and all static models, made of metal, plastic, fiberglass and even wax, clay.

concept cars Where to go

Cars of this kind has never come (afterexhibitions) on the production line, even if the motor show was held with the maximum success. His creation designers will refine, make changes to it, ensuring that the model has become a practical, safe and not too "bite" at a cost. When the concept car is losing its relevance, it is usually dismantled and destroyed. Sometimes the most interesting models are sent to the warehouse or exhibited at the Museum of the manufacturer.

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