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What kind of color

What color - metallic?

Car painting in shades of metallic has its advantages and enjoys great popularity among motorists.

But the cost of such paint a few thousand higher, due to the labor-intensive procedure.

The difference from conventional metallic paint enamel

Paints "metallic" type can be any color - gray, black, red, green, etc. All they are distinguished by a characteristic metallic luster.
Vehicle color silver metallic - one ofthe most popular because of its versatility and practicality. Dirt and dust on such a machine are less visible, respectively, and it can be washed frequently. It is also less noticeable scratches.
Conventional automotive enamel is composed of the mainthree components: a pigment, a binder and a solvent level. Metallic Paint is more complex in its composition. It has one fourth component - a thin layer of aluminum powder. Mixed with enamel, aluminum particles reflect light and create a metallic sheen. Furthermore, they protect the body from corrosion, and ink - from premature fading.

Procedure for the application of paint

Currently, there are three color systemcars in metallic colors - single-layer, two-and three-layer. The first is rarely used because of the difficulty of application. Three-layer is used when you want to get a white pearl color, or create a complex effect (such as chameleon). Such visual paint changes its hue depending on the viewing angle. When painting in three layers is used as a base primer-toner and transparent pearl.
The most common option - a two-layercoloration. In this case, the base body is coated first, and then varnish. The paint well lays down on the ground and dries quickly. If there are any defects, they are removed by polishing.
metallic paint overlay technology in generalconventional automotive coating harder enamel. The layer must be very smooth, otherwise any blemishes on the surface will be more visible. Technology involves three phases: a set of preparatory work, the base population, lacquer. When a two-layer system framework is applied in two layers, the second of them - drier. Each layer must naturally dry for 10-30 minutes, the exact time specified in the instructions of the paint. As a base paint is used, giving the effect of metallic, not having its own gloss and resistance to weathering. To protect it used lacquer. Before applying the varnish it is diluted with a solvent and fixative. Apply it with two or three layers on a base should be dried to avoid blistering paint.
Usually the color of the machine procedures in metallic colors is done in the service station, but there are motorists who do it on their own.

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