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WHAT child should be able to 4 years

What a child should be able to 4 years

When a child is 4 years old, his cognitive activity increases. Parents should use this to help your child develop his intellect and skills.

Do not put off preparing for school in the last year.

Hoping that the educational activities in kindergarten will be enough, it is not worth it.

If you start to engage with the child at this age, school attendance will be given to him very easily.

Many parents believe that their child is 4 yearsstill too small for any occupation. This is mistake. Postpone assistance on the development of the baby then it is one of the most common mistakes parents. To teach a child something new, you need to know that he should be able to at my age. This knowledge will also help determine whether the development of his age.

From the attention of a child of 4 years should be able to:

- To carry out the task given to him without interruption for at least 5 minutes.
- Keep an eye on the 5 subjects.
- Without help finding the same shape and color of the objects.
- Stack consisting of four parts of the picture.
- Finding the differences and similarities in the pictures and toys.
- Build a simple construction of the designer.
- Repeat steps for the adults, as shown in the sequence.
- Stomp your feet and clap your hands for a given word.

From the thinking child of 4 years should be able to:

- Collect unaided pyramid of rings (at least 7 rings).
- Call generalizing words total group of subjects.
- In groups of objects to find those that are not suitable for some specified parameters.
- Find a pair of objects.
- To be able to choose the opposite word.
- Solve simple logic puzzles.

From the memory of a child of 4 years should be able to:

- Repeat for adults several different syllables in a row.
- Be able to accurately perform a task that consists of 4 teams.
- From the first time to call an object that disappeared from his field of vision.
- At the hearing repeated for adults 5 words in a row.
- Know some small poems by heart.
- To tell the content read older stories.
- Play in the memory of significant events and life events occurred recently.

From the fine motor skills of a child of 4 years should be able to:

- Start small spinning tops.
- Strung on a thread and buttons and beads.
- Tie on a thick rope knots.
- Be able to independently fasten zippers, buttons, hooks on their clothes.
- Linking bitmaps, keeping with the pen on the paper.
- Color drawings without departing from the contours.
- Write a simple paint pictures.
- Hold the line in the right direction and the right size.

From the mathematical development of a child of 4 years should be able to:

- Show where in the room is one thing, but where there are many.
- Finding objects like geometric shapes.
- Distinguish right and left hands, right and left, top and bottom.
- Read the articles.

Teach the child can be considered during the walk. Going down the stairs, count steps, swinging on a swing, is also considered. Read anywhere and all you can only count. The result was not long in coming.

From the speech of a child of 4 years should be able to:

- Answer the questions as a dog barking, meowing cat, and so on..
- Says that they can make animals and people.
- Is at 4 offers about a particular toy or picture.
- Understand the generalization words.
- Coordinate words Word forms, gender and number.
- Pronounce the letter but sonorous and sibilant.
- Answer to simple questions posed to him.

To develop the child vocabulary, speech therapists are advised to devote more time to reading. Also reading books before bed calms children, it adjusts to sleep and a very positive effect on their development.

On the part of the world a child of 4 years should be able to:

- Calling your name, and the names of relatives.
- Know how much it full years, the city in which he lives.
- Know the seasons and their features, profession, appearances house in which he lives.
- Distinguish and know the taste of at least 3 fruits and 3 vegetables.
If the child knows and can do all that is described above,hence, its development corresponds to age 4 years. Parents should not stop at this. We must constantly strive to fully develop the child. On his personal example to show that knowledge is power. After all, the child of his parents - is a major role model. He reads and copies their behavior. The more parents to invest in the power of their child at this age, the easier it will be when he goes to school.

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