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How is 3D cinema in Moscow?


What cinemas 3D are in Moscow</a>

In Moscow, there are many cinemas, the vast majority of them now have 3D equipment. But which of them are the best and most interesting?

Choose a movie theater that will satisfy all your wishes, is not easy, but possible.

The list of the most interesting 3D halls in Moscow can help you in this.

The most famous cinemas, in which there are 3D

Probably one of the most famous cinemasIn Moscow is "Pushkin". This is one of the biggest cinemas not only in Russia, but also in Europe: it is among the top ten. The cinema is located on Pushkin Square, the Pushkinskaya metro station. In it you can see the premiere of the world cinema scene, on the territory of the cinema there are regularly held various festivals.
Cinema "Victory" - another famous hallMoscow. This is one of the oldest cinemas in the capital, which in its glory is not inferior to "Pushkin". It is located near the metro station "Proletarskaya". In 2000, the interior of the cinema was reconstructed, and today it has two halls: red and blue. In both rooms you can watch 3D movies. Armchairs in the cinema are comfortable, and air conditioners in the hall make viewing pleasant in any weather. Separate pleasure will be given to judges by an excellent designer interior.

IMAX cinemas in Moscow

Who has not heard about IMAX technology? A huge screen and realism that can surprise: can you watch blockbusters with amazing special effects somewhere else? Other 3D screens after IMAX seem to you flat.
The largest in Moscow and in Russia IMAX-cinemaLocated near the metro station "Rechnoy Vokzal", this is Nescafe-IMAX. The height of its screen is equal to the height of the seven-story house, and the sound quality is appropriate. Feeling the reality of what is happening and feeling that you are directly at the scene of events, guarantees almost childish delight.
Another IMAX-cinema in Moscow is very differentFrom Nescafe Aimax is a small hall, but with all the amenities. IMAX Sapphire, located in the "Formula Kino City", will please you with individual footstools, comfortable armchairs, and a bar with quality snacks. The cinema itself is also quite interesting: its interior expresses the mood of travel. The walls are decorated with panoramas of the most famous cities, the entrance groups in each room are made in the form of various famous architectural structures.

If you just want to watch a movie

Perhaps all these different amazingInnovations you do not need. You just want to go to the movies and watch the movie on the big 3D screen? In this case, just choose any movie theater closest to your home. You can be assured almost 100% that there is also 3D. If in doubt, find this movie on the Internet and ask if there is any 3D equipment in it.
If you do not know where the nearest person is to youCinema, remember what are great shopping centers nearby (separate three-four-storey buildings). In Moscow, there is a cinema with 3D in almost every major shopping center.

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