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Welding machines, types, welding


Welding machines, types, welding</a>

At the construction site, you can not do without a welding machine, it is necessary to connect metal pipes and structures.

Apparatus for welding can be of different types and designs.

The choice of a welding machine for a home and a summer residence

Electric welding allows you to quickly and reliablyTo connect metals with a minimum of costs. Also it is used as a plasma torch, because with the help of welding it is possible to cut the metal in the most inaccessible places. Such an aggregate is a great help in a suburban area or in a private house to use it, it is not necessary to be a professional welder. To find the most suitable device you can learn their main types and characteristics.

Transformer. This welding machine has the simplest operating principle. It reduces the AC voltage and uses it to create an arc. With the help of a transformer, butt welding and overlap welding are performed. This welding technology is one of the most common when working with ferrous metals.

The main drawback of this method is the strong spattering of metal and the formation of slag, which degrades the quality of the seams.
Welding rectifiers. Diode welding machines convert AC to DC. This allows you to perform welding works in the most qualitative way, to minimize spraying of materials, to provide a deep provar. Such an apparatus makes it possible to work with aluminum.

Welding inverters. Such an apparatus operates according to the following principle: an alternating current passes through a rectifier and is converted to a constant one. Then, thanks to the inverter unit, the DC current again becomes variable, but at a high frequency. Further through the next sequence of changes it turns into a constant current of high power.

When working with welding, you need to use a face mask.

Inverters allow you to work with black andColored metals, thin sheets of metal, create accurate sealed seams. Such equipment is not susceptible to voltage fluctuations in the network, it has a high efficiency.

Types of welding work

Welding works are divided according to the kind of energy used in the process, into thermal, thermodynamic and mechanical.
Thermal refers to arc welding - welding by means of an electric arc. Gas - welding using a gas flame. Electroslag - application of the heat of electric current.

Clothing welder should be made of rubberized material, tarpaulin, leather.

Thermomechanical form includes contactWelding with pressure, when electric current is used for heating. Also to this class is diffusion welding - work with the use of pressure in the mutual diffusion of atoms at high temperature.

To mechanical welding is cold - work with pressure without heating. This includes also explosion welding, ultrasonic welding, and friction welding.

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