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Welding machines, types of holding welding

Welding machines, types of holding welding

At the construction site can not do without the welding machine, it is necessary to connect metal pipes and constructions.

Apparatus for welding are of various types and designs.

Selecting welding machine for home and garden

Electric welding allows you to quickly and securelyjoin metals with a minimum cost. Also it is used as plazmorez, as by welding the metal can be cut in the most remote places. This unit - a great help at their summer cottage or in a private house, to use it, do not necessarily have to be a professional welder. Choose the most suitable device can learn of their main types and characteristics.

Transformer. This welding machine has the simple working principle. It reduces the AC voltage and uses it to create an arc. With the transformer is carried out butt welding and welding overlapped. This welding technology is one of the most common when working with ferrous metals.

The main drawback of this method is a powerful spatter and slag formation, deteriorating the quality of welds.
Welding rectifiers. Diode devices for welding convert AC to DC. It allows you to perform welding work more efficiently, to minimize splashing materials to provide deep penetration. Such an apparatus allows to operate with aluminum.

Welding inverters. This device works on the following principle: an alternating current passes through a rectifier and converted to DC. Then, thanks to an inverter unit DC again becomes a variable, but a high frequency. Next through the next series of changes it is converted into direct current high power.

While working with welding is necessary to use a protective mask for the face.

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Inverters allow to work with black andnon-ferrous metals, thin metal sheets, to create accurate sealed seams. Such equipment is not susceptible to voltage drops in the network, it has a high efficiency.

Types of Welding

Welding works are divided by type of energy used in the process, the thermal, mechanical and thermodynamic.
It applies thermal arc - fusion welding with an electric arc. Gas - welding using a gas flame. Electroslag - the use of heat of an electric current.

Clothing welder must be made of a rubberized material, canvas and leather.

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Thermomechanical view includes contactusing pressure welding, when electric current is used for heating. Also, this class includes the diffusion welding - work with pressure at the mutual diffusion of atoms at high temperatures.

It applies a mechanical welding cold - working pressure without heating. Included is also explosive welding, ultrasonic welding, friction welding.

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