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WEDDING in the Maldives



Maldives has long earned the fame of one of the most beautiful and exotic places for a wedding.

It is here that many people want to spend an unforgettable and most significant day in their life.

What options can the bride and groom choose for themselves who have decided to tie themselves up in Maldives?

Wedding on the beach

A simple but incredibly romantic wayTo connect hearts is a wedding on the beach, which will be accompanied by beautiful music, national clothes, bright colors and the sound of waves. If you choose the right time for the ceremony, it can pass in the orange sunset light, although someone will like the morning and the unforgettable dawn.

Ceremony on the yacht

Cries of seagulls, clean sea air, filibuster forThe helm of a white cruise yacht cruising around one of the paradise islands - such a wedding will be remembered for many years. Memories of her will be warmed by cold winter evenings.

Underwater wedding

The Maldives often come to diving enthusiasts,Many future couples even get acquainted during diving. Why not make an alliance in the depths of the sea, surrounded by unusual inhabitants, colorful fish and coral reefs?

Wedding in the hotel under water

If the wedding with scuba diving is not included in the plansGroom and bride, and the depths of the sea attract, you can conduct a ceremony under water in a special hotel that offers a banquet room, immersed in the sea to a depth of five meters. Sun rays will permeate the water column, snails, sharks or other inhabitants of the Maldivian fauna will slowly float around, and the newlyweds in a romantic atmosphere whisper each other a long-awaited "yes."

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