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Wedding in the Maldives

Maldives has long earned the reputation of being one of the most beautiful and exotic places for wedding.

This is where many people want to spend a memorable and most important day in your life.

What options can choose the bride and groom, who decided to tie the knot in the Maldives?

Wedding on the beach

Simple, but incredibly romantic wayconnect the heart - it is a wedding on the beach, which will be accompanied by beautiful music, costumes, bright colors and the sound of waves. If you choose the right time for the ceremony, it may take in the orange light of the sunset, although someone will like early in the morning and an unforgettable sunrise.

The ceremony on a yacht

The cries of seagulls, clean sea air, for filibusterhelm of a snow-white cruise yacht, cruising around one of the islands of paradise - this wedding will be remembered for years to come. Memories of her will warm the cold winter evenings.

Underwater wedding

In the Maldives often come diving lovers,many future couples even get acquainted during the dive. Why not form an alliance in the depths of the sea, surrounded by unusual creatures, colorful fish and coral reefs?

The wedding in the hotel under the water

If the wedding is diving is not included in the plansthe bride and groom, and the depths of the sea draw, you can hold the ceremony under the water in a special hotel, which offers a banquet hall, immersed in the sea at a depth of five meters. The sun's rays will penetrate the water column around leisurely proplyvut turtles, sharks and other inhabitants of the Maldivian fauna and the couple in a romantic atmosphere proshepchut welcome each other "yes".

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