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Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Beautiful wedding hairstyle from long hair is easy to do with their hands. Arm yourself with tongs, hair dryers and hair curlers, as well as a variety of make-up and hair ornaments.

You can create cascades of curls, braids or weave to erect the lush tufts of the head.

The main thing - that the haircut was combined with face make-up and dress the bride.

Bridal hairstyles are not subject to fleetingfashion. Boxes in retro style, volume hairpieces, loose curls on the back - all at the wedding appropriate. Try to keep the hairstyle was not only beautiful but also durable - you have to dance, pose for photos, accepting congratulations, hugs and kisses of relatives and friends. Laying, made by a professional or personally created, should easily make all the difficulties and joys of your most important day.

Laying of tow

This unusual hairstyle looks wonderful onblond hair. It harmonizes perfectly with a simple long dress in a classic style. Spectacular weave allows to do without veils or hats - as a decoration fit decorative pins or small artificial flowers.

Wash hair, dry hair dryer. Wavy strands can be pulled ironing, giving them shine and perfect smoothness. On top of separate triangular strand of hair, helping himself to handle combs. Tighten the lock of clockwise, starting from the left side.
Gently move the harness hooked to the right. Holding it with one hand, separate strand in the right temple and connect it to twist. Continue to twist a tourniquet - hair will themselves go to the rings. Keep the left strand and connect it to the portion of hair from the left ear. Translating the wiring in different directions, in small portions to join him remaining hair.

tames frizz

Wavy long hair can be curled and put inhigh hairstyle that will perfectly blend in with the veil. Dry strands soak spray for styling and wind on rollers of medium size. Allow to dry tresses and carefully remove the curlers.

Curls can cheat by using forceps or electric dryer-brush.

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Divide the resulting curls into six parts,the front part of the hair, leave free. Each strand twist into a bundle. One of twisted curls at the back lift, fold in the form of eight pins and secure. Just place the second strand of the occipital. Then lay the eight locks on the left and the right. The free ends of roll rings and pin. Sprinkle laying varnish.

To fix the curls using small hairpin in hair color.

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The front part of the hair curl and Ironssprinkle with varnish. Gently fold the curls back slightly smooth brush and collect on top, stabbing pins. Once again fix hair lacquer. Fatou Pin at the back - the front part of the hair should remain open.

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