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How to weave out of straw


How to weave out of straw</a>

Weaving from straw is one of the oldest crafts.

From this material wore charms, toys, kitchen utensils, hats, handbags, interior items and much more.

You will need

  • - sickle-
  • - sharp knife-
  • - Wet cloth-
  • - Needle-
  • - strong thread.



For the weaving will suit straw of different cereals: Wheat, oats, barley, rye. It can be harvested from the middle of summer to harvesting. The material collected at different times will have different shades from green to dark yellow.


Sickle cut the stems at the very base, the longer they are, the better. Tie the straw into sheaves and dry it.


Prepare the material for weaving. Straw the straw, remove all the knots. Cut the stems into halves. Sort the straws along the length.


Dry straw is very fragile, and weave from suchMaterial does not work. To give it an elasticity, soak it in boiling water for a few minutes. Leave the necessary amount to start the weaving, and wrap the remaining straw in a damp cloth.


A feature of weaving from straws is thatIt is necessary to prepare the tows or braids, from which it is possible to weave things of the most diverse form. For a simple weaving straw must be flattened. Split the straw with the point of the knife and spread it with a slightly heated iron.


Prepare a tape for simple weaving. Several straws (their number depends on the size of the product) is placed side by side vertically.


Take a straw and braid it with a staggered base, that is, first above the straw, then under the next one, then again put it on the straw and stretch it under the next one, etc.


The second row is similar, but whereThe working straw passed under the base, place it on top, and there, under the base, stretch it under it. Straw the straws tightly to each other so that there are no gaps between them. Finish the braided cord under the press and dry.


From the braids you can make a variety of products. Depending on their type, the method of sewing the braids is selected. If you want to weave a rug or mat, do stitched butt.


To do this, take the prepared wickerwork andSew the edges of the tape, hooking the needle and thread them alternately, and tighten. Weaving can start from the center and have a braided spiral or sew ribbons from straws in rows.


If you want to make a hat, a lamp shade, a tray,Dish or other object of complex shape. Sew the strips in a spiral, starting from the middle of the product. Each next row, put a little on the previous one 1/3 of the width of the braid and sew. Iron the finished product through a damp cloth.

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