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HOW Shambhala weave

How to weave Shambhala

Bracelet Shambhala - a stylish little thing is very popular among young people - is a special kind of sacred significance.

This ornament is a kind of amulet or talisman.

In addition, made with his own hands, the bracelet has an incredibly powerful energy.

You will need

  • - 2 m or waxed leather shnura-
  • - A few beads in diameter of 0,7-10 mm-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - PVA glue.



For weaving Shamballa bracelet fit waxedcord or thin leather strap. As a replacement you can use thread floss 6 additions, but the product of them will not be as expressive and quality.


Pick up the beads. The diameter of the hole should be large enough to get through it was free to pass the cord. Beads form does not matter. Classic Bracelet Shambhala made of round beads, but should be fine and square or fantasy, for example, in the form of a skull. Their number may vary from your desire or how many beads are in stock.


2 Cut the cord. A 1 m length of 20 cm, the second 60 cm. One end of a short cord to tie the knot tight. Put the cord vertically down the unit. This will be the basis of the bracelet (yet it is called "lazy" cord).


Put long cord approximately 20 cm above the knot and tie it around the base, with the ends should get equal length.


Next tie a square knot flat. The left part of the operating cord rewound to the right and place it on the right side. Then take a right end and slide it to the left under the foundations of a cord and enter the resulting loop. Lace tighten.


Take another node, but now the cord thattook over the power cord should be based on a "lazy" cord, and the end, which extends below it should be, on the contrary, on top of the foundations cord. Tighten the cord. Take a few square flat knots, depending on your desires.


Then add a bead. Nanizhite it to "lazy" cord. And tie under it ends working lace flat square knot, as described above. Add the desired amount of beads and square knots, whipping thus to a value equal to the circumference of the wrist.


In the last assembly, apply a little white glue. When it is completely dry, carefully cut the excess ends of the working lace.


Make clasp fenugreek. To do this, add together the two end bases of the cord and tie a piece of their remaining working lace. For fasteners enough to make 12-14 knots. At the same time the last, apply a little glue, let it dry and then cut the excess ends. "Lazy" cord must be tightened without any effort.


String on both ends of the bracelet for 1 bead of smaller diameter, and tie a simple knot them. Secure it with glue and cut the excess.

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