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How to spin a French braid


How to spin a French braid</a>

On the contrary, the French braid is often called a "dragon", since the weave rests on the head, forming a crest like the vertebral appendages of a mythical creature.

This technique allows you to create the appearance of a thick hair and is suitable for both everyday life and as an element of a complex hairstyle.

You will need

  • - comb-
  • - liquid silk-
  • - scrunchy.



Comb your hair. They should be easy to divide into strands along the entire length and not to be confused, so if necessary use liquid silk or air conditioning. If you want to arrange the French braid not from the top down, but from the temple to the temple, comb your hair in the direction of the future weaving.


With a straight cut, separate a part of the hair on the vertex. The smaller this area, the higher elastic weave will begin. Divide the hair of the selected zone into three parts, as for braiding an ordinary French braid.


Add to the weave side curls. On the right, with your index finger, separate the strip of hair in parallel with what is already involved in the hairstyle. Attach to the working strand from this side and collect everything from the bottom between the other two. Do the same on the left. At the top of the head will turn out a spikelet. Remember that the more thin strands you will add as weave, the more dense and elastic the French pigtail will turn out to be, on the contrary, and on the broader ones it will be more friable and airy. Finger so dragon until all the hair will not be involved in the weave.


Finish the braiding with a simple oblique. Fix the end of the hair band, if necessary, sprinkle the hair with a varnish.


Learn a simple secret that allowsCreate the illusion of density and weight of hair. With each transfer of the working string to the center, gently pull the previous weave to add volume to it. It is important that all the "constituents" of the spike are approximately the same.

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