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How to weave braids

How to weave braid

Hair braid on the basis of today in fashion.

They are especially girls and young women. Braids are perfect for creating a romantic, vintage or classic image.

This hairstyle can be done independently.

Having mastered the basics of the technology, you will be able to dream, combining weaving and inventing new and original variations.

You will need

  • - Mousse konditsioner-
  • - Utyuzhok for hair-
  • - Fixing spray-
  • - Smoothing cream-
  • - Hairbrush with rare zubyami-
  • - Gum for hair-
  • - Studs.



Before laying the hair to be washed. After washing treat strands mousse, spray, gives the hair elasticity and volume. Thoroughly massage the head and rinse agent. Such treatment does not weigh down the hair and adds shine.


Wavy strands should treat utjuzhkom. He smoothed her hair and braid plait will be much easier. Then divide the hair on the oblique or parted in the middle and sprinkle spray, lifts the excess static electricity.


Try to braid French braid-spike. Zacheshite hair back and separate strand forehead. Divide it into three equal parts and start braiding, adding to spit thin strands on the sides of the head. To network was flat, smooth hair comb with a few teeth.


Braid braid, do not tighten too tight strands. Bringing it to the back of the head, continue. The end of the pigtail tie thin rubber band. To get a broader hair-free part of the spit can tuck inside to stretch and stab pins.


Spit can not stick, leaving freefalling. To make it look fashionable, fasten the end of the velvet ribbon or tape, masking scrunchy. Hands pull the strands apart, giving spit negligence and volume.


Another popular option Spit - a basket. Divide hair into a side parting. For greater smoothness of hair can be lightly grease a light cream, moisturizing shine and curls. Take a strand at parting, divide it into three parts and start braiding, leading braid along the forehead. Try not to pull hair or basket will be uneven.


Keep braiding along the ear to the back of the head, and then toGetting Started. When finished, Clip Available end of the spit and tuck it inside. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it does not require fixing pins and hairpins.

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