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How to weave


How to weave</a>

The popularity of baubles is quite understandable - this original and stylish decoration can be very easy to make by yourself, while it looks very decorative and attractive.

Pleysti can learn every thing & ndash-You just need a little patience and imagination. To date, there is a huge number of techniques of weaving bra from the threads. In order to weave the original and unique bouquets from the floss, you need to get a regular embroidery kit, which is in every supermarket, as well as with sharp scissors. To learn the weaving of baubles best from the simplest samples of these ornaments - try to begin to weave a braid of eight threads. The required length of thread is calculated by a simple principle: the length of each thread should exceed the length of the future bracelet by about four times. That is, in order to weave a bouquet in the length of twenty centimeters, it is necessary to take the threads, the length of which will be about eighty centimeters. To ensure that the baubles do not twist in the process of weaving, fix the ends of the threads with a pin. First, knot the two nodules with the right thread on the thread that will be adjacent. After this, the same thread is knotted on the next thread, and so to the edge. After the first row is formed, it is necessary to take the next extreme right thread and repeat it again. The procedure is repeated on each row until the very end, until you get the bracing of the length you need. At the edges of the bracelets, tuck in neat pigtails, then remove the finished baubles from the pin. There are a lot of ways of weaving the baubles, and every amateur of needlework can master them.

Starting with the simplest, in time, you canLearn to weave braces of a high degree of complexity, and gradually bring your skills to perfection. And remember that the bracelet, woven with their own hands, is always not only an ornament, but also a talisman. & Nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp-

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