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How to weave a basket of paper

How to weave baskets from paper

Basket of paper can become an original gift wrapping, or to have a utilitarian purpose. For example, it is possible to store sewing supplies or yarn for knitting.

The old newspapers or magazines are suitable as a material for weaving.

You will need

  • - bumaga-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - stationery knife-
  • - acrylic paints-
  • - Water-based lacquer.



Pick a material. For weaving baskets will fit almost any paper that is at hand. It can be old newspapers or magazines, the remnants of wallpaper, wrapping paper or for the printer.


Fold the sheets of paper in a pile. Cut into long strips of equal width. The amount of pieces can be different, depending on your wishes and the type of product. There is a general rule, the larger the basket, the greater should be the strips of paper to her weaving. The strips fold in half, then half again.


Make the spider of the prepared stripsbottom of the basket. 4 Take the blank and put them next to each other, then take another 4 parts put perpendicular and twist them in a checkerboard pattern. That is the next strip braided details that she was lying on top of the first, then a second, a third and a top strip of the fourth cross.


Another strip braid so that itheld by the first member basis, and then above it, again under and over second strip substrate. Other details of whipping a similar manner in a checkerboard pattern. Place the parts as close as possible to each other to avoid gaps therebetween.


Next, create the sides of the basket. To use the basket was more even pattern of suitable size, it can be cardboard or plastic box. Place the template on the Twist and bend the strip foundations up.


Take the shorter parts of the paper andcontinue braid racks in the same way as wove the bottom, that is staggered. The strips periodically tighten. When dopletete to the desired value of the walls, remove the template and decorate the edge of the basket.


Mark the folds on the racks on all sidesbasket. Bend them towards the inside of the basket 45 degrees. Get a tip for the next rack and hide it in the weave. Similarly, bend the ends of the racks. Carefully cut the excess paper with scissors.


To make the handle of a basket of paper, make 3 strips. Weave one common pigtail, straighten the handle. Put item into the sides of the basket and secure with glue.


The finished basket color with acrylic paints. Then cover the water-based varnish. For it to be stronger, apply 2 coats, the previous must be completely dry.

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